#255 Keep Aligning Your Self Throughout Your Day With Your Inner Desire for Positive Growth and Change

Dear Jeanne,
A new week is beginning. Do you have a message to pass along to humanity today?

As you acquiesce to the inner spirit and listen more closely to the words of the true inner voice, so begin also to acquiesce to the idea of the possibility of all things. If you can allow your self to open up to this idea, so do you open the door to having experiences on a new level of awareness. With intent focused on good and the possibility of connection, do you align your self with a new way of living.

As I have mentioned often now, is it time for a great shift to take place. The opportunity to engage in this shift is offered again and again. As awareness grows, so will your alertness to such energetic possibility become more honed. But still must you, your self, allow for your own shift to happen in order to fully engage the energy that is available to boost you on your way.

That boosting energy is now available again. There is no greater leap that you can take now than the leap into the inner self, allowing for your daring to lead you in to acceptance of your own quiet inner voice of truth and knowing. As you open the door to this inner spirit self, do so with a new awareness of the possibility of all things, and the openness to acceptance of reception of this good energy. Do not just open the door, but also invite this good, and vibrant, and evolutionary energy in to your life. As you invite it in, do so with total acceptance of its power to shift you to a new way of living and seeing the world around you. Allow your focus to become oriented to becoming more open to the positive possibilities, and less focused on all that is wrong in your life and in the world.

If you shift your inner voice to the voice of positive intent do you shift the possibility of experiencing life differently too. Keep aligning your self throughout your day with your inner desire for positive growth and change. Send your questing spirit desires out into the universe, asking for signs and gifts of growth that are positive and good. Leave negative thoughts and habits by the wayside now as you more fully embrace the notion that you are your own agent of change. No one else can change your life, except you. Others may gladly aid you, or wish you well, but it is up to you to choose to take the leap and then determine how you will go about allowing your decision to happen.

That is what you must conclude, My Dears, that once you make the decision to pursue a new avenue, a shift to opening the doors to real spiritual change, must you be prepared to allow your self to remain open and available to this change, in a most positive way, focused on good, on openness, and on listening to the inner voice of right knowing.

With positive daring will come new awareness. As you leave behind your old negative thoughts and ideas about the self and others, so do you open up to the positive, and the good advice being offered. Many signs will be available to guide you on your way simply because you have opened your eyes, removed the old dark glasses, and swept aside the veils of past habits and judgments, and opened your self to enjoying this inner spirit self in the real world. Once you commit to this, do you open many doors to experiencing what is truly right in front of your eyes, but only when you are ready to see it.

This is a process that takes practice, and the ability to trust what you receive. But once you begin to desire life’s experiences to shift to greater awareness, and once you open the door to positive energy, so will you be offered many signs to lead you on your way. It does take work on the inner self in order to free you of the burdens of your past that you carry around with you, weighing you down so heavily. But you are already aware of those burdens, aren’t you? You are already doing the work of discovering what they really are. Picking through them, looking at them, seeing them in the light of truth and reality, and then leaving them behind so you can journey on lighter, relieved of all those old things that steal your energy. As you release them so will you gain back the energy they have been siphoning off you all these years. And you will feel not only much lighter, but much more energized, in a positive spirit-oriented direction, especially if you allow your focus to shift in this direction.

Your spirit is eager to reclaim that energy that has been locked up for so long, going stale in your old suitcases, and knapsacks, and trunks, stored away with the troubled past that you seek to keep locked up and unresolved. But that is not what a spirit-seeking self is supposed to do. A spirit-seeking self is supposed to open all those old carry-on bags, and really look at what you have been packing away in them all these years, and realize that it is not necessary, nor desirable, to carry all those old things around any longer. It is not evolutionary to stay strapped down by all that old stuff.

The energy of now does invite change and growth of the spirit-seeking self, and I invite you to take the leap in this direction too. I am available at all times, simply for the asking; and if your questing is legitimate and necessary for your growth, so will you receive what you need. If your questing is for signs to lead you on your way, or for aid in finding your inner self, so will you not be disappointed. But remember, what you receive may not be as you expect, nor may it be clearly acceptable or noticed as a gift. Gifts come in many ways. So that is why awareness is necessary as an accompaniment to your journey.

Be open, be available to take a journey now that will offer real shift, real growth, and the opportunity to more firmly assert your self upon this path of spirit. You are aided, guided, and offered the opportunity for this shift every step of the way. Allow your self to acknowledge the possibility of such an idea, and then get ready to be aware so you don’t miss the signs in your life showing you the way.

Here is your first sign: I love and respect you for the journey you take. You are protected and watched over by me and my companion group who do seek connection with you. Can you begin to allow this idea to become a reality in your life? I, Jeanne Marie Ketchel, offer my hand to you. I offer my experiences. I offer my own process as a guide. And I offer my messages of awakening so that you may have the opportunity to find daily guidance as you figure out the best way to gain awareness in your life.

Please accept my most graciously offered attempts to wake you up to your own inner potential. You are completely packed with everything you need to evolve. You just have to uncover it, discard the old to make room for the new, but most of all learn to trust all the gifts you are given, and this guidance too. Then see what happens. You may be surprised what you learn next, and what you begin to truly experience as you discover that there are many levels of reality, and many ways to “know” this.

Good luck with your decisions and your choices. Do not hold back. If your inner spirit is aligned with your desire for change for good in your life, now is there much support for such change. You will find a way if you decide to take a leap. You will be guided if you are aware and if you decide to trust the guidance you are given. And you will succeed in growing. For that is the ultimate reason to seek change, in order to grow as you take your very own individual journey of heart, and of spirit. Don’t be afraid. I am right beside you. Don’t you feel me?