#155 Again, You Are Being Tested!

Dear Jeanne,
You’ve been speaking about the volatile energy of this time, and the next few days remain significant, energy-wise. Do you have a message of guidance that will help people get through the weekend, until we meet again on Monday?

Yes, guard your own energy first and foremost, from attack and from internal firings that would interrupt and create situations that are unnecessary. Remain in calm contemplation, aware that this time of disruption is upon you. Be alert, so that you don’t get drawn into battles that would, otherwise, not exist. Such energy, as I have warned of, creates its own disruptions in order to gain momentum. Such is the character of energy of commotion. Do not get drawn into the chaos of it, or you will fail your test.

Approach the weekend with steady sobriety. Appoint yourself supreme commander of your ship; no deviation from this job is allowed, if you are to succeed. This, I cannot stress enough. And what must you do in order to remain firmly in command? First, remember, at all times, that you are being tested. Your every step is under scrutiny, and the smallest slip up could mean disaster. But if you are firmly and staunchly planted at the helm of your vessel, with hands firmly grasping the wheel, so are you at least taking the proper position for an alert and ready captain. But none of your preparation will matter if you forget why you are there. You are being tested! Remember this at all times.

Secondly, keep in mind that this is the energy of hunger and of tease. It is the energy that is only concerned with its own satiation and is not going to be of help in any fashion, so don’t even think about engaging it. This energy is not to be trusted. Avoid it, at all costs. Even as you must steer your vessel right into the midst of it, must you avoid breathing it, or allowing it to enter your calm inner self. Turn your back on it, reject it, but also have it clearly in mind, that this is going to be a quiet weekend of calm inner work. Become a monk for the next few days. Not avoidant of life, but as a monk who knows how to practice inner calm, no matter what rages around him. Become as Buddha under the tree of infiltration and temptation, and do not attach to that which approaches.

Thirdly, your firm knowing, your pre-testing already done, and your alertness now, are your main guides. Keep them ready. Keep foremost in your mind that, “Oh, okay, this is a test. I already know what to do. I can pass this test by remaining calmly placed in my own inner knowing. Anything, and everything, I encounter over the next few days is a great big test.” So, decide that you are well prepared. Question everything, and decide that it is part of your test, even if it seems insignificant and minor, so is it going to be part of your test.

What is your test presenting to you? And how are you handling it? Don’t get caught in the testing of others. That should not be your focus. Your focus is to remain steadily calm, no matter what comes at you. Plant a picture of Buddha in your mind, and bring it up at every moment of testing, to remind you to go calm, be steady, and sit in inner contemplation. If you don’t have a concept of Buddha, there are plenty of other visualizations to give yourself, even an animal pictorial, or a great spiritual leader, a calm and gentle soul, may be your anchor. But find now, ahead of the great testing period, a mental picture to use as your guide. This is your fourth rule of preparation.

And the fifth is to trust. Trust your knowing. Trust your abilities. Trust your inner you. You have trained well for this time of turmoil. Let’s see how you do. And remember, also, that there is no true failure. Even if you do not pass this exam, so have you learned much about yourself, about how energy works, and about the nature of synchronicity and the universe, how all things affect all other things. Do not be afraid of this time of turmoil. It is actually a very progressive and amazingly growth-oriented energy that now sweeps in to your energetic field. As you turn your back, turn away, and go deeper into your calm inner knowing, so will you gain and grow exponentially, no matter what the final outcome is. There is no real failure of this test. All will grow, though I continue to warn, and warn, and warn. That is the message to keep in mind. You are being tested, have no doubt about it!

#154 You Are Being Tested

Dear Jeanne,
Any guidance today?

There is a slim chance that you will miss an opportunity for growth and progression if your awareness is dull or covered. Do not hide now during this time of shift and potential change. Awareness is key. Use it to maintain your calm and your balance, but use it also to sniff out your proper path. Any deviation from your focused, forward growth will sidetrack you, though if you are alert, and hop back on track, your way will become clearer. If you remain off-guard, and off the well-chosen path, may there be subsequent difficulties in returning to your focused direction.

I do not say this to alarm you, but only to incite vigorous alertness. Keep your nose sniffing out the proper direction for your inner spirit to take as a time of vagueness approaches, while at the same time a great shift is underway. This is now a time to remember why you are doing such intense self-work, and why you are seeking new life. If your path is the right one for you to be on, then will your trained focus reassert itself quickly. But, if your difficulty has been in choosing the proper path, then may your nose have difficulty staying on the right path, as both void and tremendous energetic shift collide and dispel any clarity you may have perceived, and instead throw you into doubt and oblivion.

These devastations can be avoided, sidestepped, by hunkering down now into inner focus, turning eyes, and sight, away from the confusion that swirls around you, and remaining with nose to the ground. With your nose to the ground, sniffing for clarity of direction, and your eyes turned inward, may you meet your resonance, and be well on your way, as you turn away from outside energy, influence, and the distractions of confusion and fog that now approach.

A slim chance exists for such entrapment if you don’t stay innerly focused, and this is what I suggest all do, for the next four or five days, as a time of turmoil and shift arrives to test your progress. If you keep in mind that you are being tested, at all times staying focused on your goal, seeking completion of this rough and grueling test, will your success be assured. If you think you will breeze right through the test, don’t be so sure. Just because I say there is a slim chance of distraction, does not mean that the energy will hold itself back from even a tiny crack in the structure of your defense. No big egos allowed!

Everyone will be tested over the next few days. It is the energetic shift now taking place that determines this, and not you. So, get ready. Stay focused, nose to the ground, and remain innerly turned, so that you arrive at the other end of this time of turmoil with barely a scrape or dirt upon your knees, but, instead, more firmly embedded in knowing that you are on the right path, and that you have succeeded in passing a test, that at first glance looked easy, well-known data, but, afterwards, you will realize that it was one hell of an exam!

#153 Why Am I Here?

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for today?

Seek now your purpose. Contemplate, deeply, your reason for just that life you now live. What must you accomplish? What must you learn? What are you attempting to complete? If all else in your life appears too difficult to handle, too overwhelming to figure out, then focus on this one question, why am I here? Use that questing of true purpose to anchor and guide you to resolution of all else in your life.

Why am I here? For what purpose have you returned, yet again, to life upon that earth, at just this time, in just that life, surrounded by just those people, and meeting up with those you now engage? All of these circumstances and questions are pertinent and meaningful. What are you supposed to be getting right, this time? What in your life is pointing this out to you? In what manner are you being guided to discover your central theme, in this lifetime?

Question everything, because everything is meaningful. Seek guidance when stuck, so that you may advance quickly, and not waste time stuck in the marrow. Seek answers of those who have experienced the truest facets of life, so that you may advance with quick insight, and understanding of your journey. There are many now upon that earth who hold golden knowledge, and use it properly and well, without personal agendas, simply offering everything they know, because it is the only means by which mankind may advance, and this they know.

Use the circumstances in your life to guide you. Why do you read my messages? Do you really seek guidance? Well, are you utilizing it in your life? Or do you just read it because you find it a thrilling read? Are you a seeker of truth and meaning, ready to do the work of the self, or do you wish to be told that you are not ready for such advancement, and remain a baby, under the care of others? To advance, and become a true spirit, an evolutionary journeyer, must you do the work of the inner self. With proper guidance is it available, as the knowing ones point it out to you, until you understand what it means to take your own journey.

Yes, there are many guides upon that planet earth, at this time, and many who wish to be guides. But who really does the work right, by making you be responsible for your decisions, and your questing, and your own inner work? You are your own greatest guide, but your inner spirit must find reflection outside of you in order to grow. Otherwise, your mirror speaks not, but only reflects back the self you are, speaking only what you speak, over and over again, as you ponder and question. Are you as Narcissus, who saw only his own reflection, thinking he was the height of beauty and perfection? What then became of him? Nothing, for he grew not beyond that idle self-reflection. He never left the world of the outer self, to go deeply into the inner self, with proper guidance, because he never looked outside of himself for answers.

When I encourage you to contemplate the self, I do not anticipate that you will take on the shadow of Narcissus, or any other reflection, but that you will crack the mirror that now holds you bound to ideas and promises of beauty and perfection, that have nothing to do with the reality of who you truly are. The world beckons with many promises to grow to perfection, both externally and internally, but there is no quick panacea, no perfect solution, or simple path to achieve the perfect you. That is not what life is all about. Life is about seeking meaning for your circumstances, your choices, your relationships, your entire world, created by you. And who is responsible for that life? Only you. Your inner you seeks resolution, always. There will always be another question, another challenge, another step to figure out. There is no such thing as perfection. There is only the journey to keep taking, and learning about your self as you go.

I encourage you all to become part of the growing spirit energy that is blossoming all around you. I encourage questioning of the inner self at all times. I encourage engagement in resonant energy. But most of all, I encourage you to take responsibility for doing the work of the inner self, with bravery, with dedication, and with no thought of self-perfection, but only thoughts of eagerness for what comes next. What challenge will I be presented with next? How will I solve the riddles in my life, now that I have gained new knowledge? What will life throw at me next, to test me, and to present me with opportunities to continue growing?

I know I present you with a lot to think about. Do not become overwhelmed, but calm yourself every day, into your balanced center, before you begin your day, and from this inner center, determine what you must do, today, to advance on your inner journey. Seek advice. Seek your one true place of resonance and guidance, and allow for a dialogue of growth to be undertaken, so that your perfect self-reflection may crack, and the real self be born inside you. You are not what you think you are. You are only what you have the potential to become, and that, my friends, is always waiting for your discovery. Will you ever finish your seeking? I hope not!

#152 Turn Down the Volume of Hatred

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Abide by the energy. Allow it to guide you, so you know how to act, how to respond, and how to remain in detachment, even as it may take off in swirling energetic pulls. From your calm center assess, now, where you, personally, stand in your own life, and your own inner work, before judging what is happening around you. Allow your centeredness to be your firm ground upon which you stand, no matter what may assault you.

I warn against reacting too quickly to anything, as is often the first response. You are no longer in a position to act with such quick and final conciseness that may only result in devastation. Take time to slow down inner turmoil, the old rankling habits that may seek to throw you out of your calmness, and disrupt your good flow that you have been working so hard on.

Abrupt change is in the energetic force right now. It bodes well, if handled properly, but otherwise does it harbor much failure in communications, as well as world peace efforts. Do not become overly attached to the destructive nature of such force, for then do you tip your steady boat, and risk drowning in the surging ocean of discontent. Remain firmly at the helm, feet spread wide and planted, for a long and terrific strain of bad weather. Much now seeks to attach to the anger that travels upon the darkness, yet is it not necessary to engage in it, for in so doing, is there but fueling of it as a result.

As the world around you continues on its devastatingly downward path, what do you choose to do? Do you engage in darkness, and fuel your own anger because it is easier to serve that, than it is to serve your inner spirit, seeking solace and calm? Of course it is much easier to let go of the wheel, and throw yourself overboard, rather than hold on tighter as your knuckles grip the wheel ever harder. But then, you risk drowning in the ever-darkening seas. I suggest that focus on calmness will lead you back to inner strength, and that is what is necessary during times of turmoil.

Do not get swept up in the hurricane that heads now pounding upon the shores, seeking to, indiscriminately, ravage all that lies unprotected. Turn your backs upon it as it sweeps across your bow, and remain upright as you fight to remain calmly centered, your ballast sure and stable. From your inner calm will your direction be shown, and your negotiation of the waters handled with surety.

Yes, there is much energy now upon that earth that seeks change. But what kind of change are you going to allow? It is up to each of you, now upon that earth, to focus on inner calm, and remain calmly centered in focusing on the goodness in all of mankind, or there will be only turmoil ahead. A great shift in consciousness is possible, yet does this require more than a few good souls for it to be fruitful, and firmly established, when there is so much hatred now spewing in angry voices. Turn down the volume of hatred by becoming a voice of calm in your own life, and your own turmoil. Yesterday’s anger may turn against you, or you may turn against it, by answering back, swiftly, with a newer, calmer response, asking for universal compassion and brotherhood, rather than derision and separateness of purpose, and turn the actions toward communion, rather than separateness.

Do not become isolationists. Do not become separatists. Do not become dictators, nor tyrants, any of you. For none of you have yet the right answer upon the worldwide stage. Those who speak loudest, speak wrongly. While those who speak softly have words of true wisdom. Turn the volume down on the shouters of insults, and the defiant screamers, so that the softer voices, the steady ones, speaking calm, peace, and unity of all, may be heard. Turn from individual concerns of property, of wealth, of power, and turn instead to communal concerns of global change, and the very earth you all stand upon. For what will your anger reap, if there is not earth upon which to grow your sustenance? How do you expect to survive if you cannot breathe, eat, or survive the devastations of Mother Nature, who seeks, so loudly, to alert you to your truths?

Will all your wars and disagreements mean anything, if there is no earth to walk upon, to live upon, and to enjoy? Idle hands do not aid in growth, nor does loud speech make for progress. Only busy hands, and calm words of wisdom are now the necessary tools. No weapons will have affect, only tools now. Only tools of knowing, and tools of focused shift, from anger and darkness, to calm and steady hope, may have affect.

Darkness is often predicted, in order to wake up the sleeping souls upon that earth. This is a cyclical occurrence, as many historians will note. But this time, my friends, will the recovery not be as in the past, for far too many things have been disrupted by man in his eagerness for wealth, and far too many upon that earth have been left unprepared for this time of darkness. Yet, is there hope for survival, if a great shift in consciousness, and action, is immediately presented and acted upon. Listen not to the warmongers, and the speakers of dark anger toward others, but listen to the lovers of man and earth, who warn now, greatly, that destruction is happening, even at your very feet, and yet are you drawn to focus on the shouting that fills the air.

Look down at your own little world now, immediately, and draw the proper conclusion. What can I do, now, today, to change my part of the world? Even the simplest act today, and then another tomorrow, will have worldwide effect, if all participate. If no more shouting is filling the air, then the energy of anger will die down, for it will not be fueled by your anger, or yours, or yours, or any of you who seek peace. Your energy, turned compassionately outward in gentle and loving regard for all, as one, will have impact, and then your attention to the waste at your feet will have further impact. At no other time in the history of man, has this been more apparent. There has been no other time quite like this, and the energy, now upon that earth, can either have fatal consequences, if allowed to proceed on the current course of destructive anger, or it can turn swiftly, with conscious shift, into healing, accepting, energy of change that will benefit all.

It’s really up to all of you. Those of us, who offer guidance and aid, can only alert you to the fact that your life, and the life of the earth, now, is totally up to you who now reside there. This is your lifetime upon that earth. Are you choosing to have impact on your own life and, in turn, the world at large? It is possible, you know, supremely possible, to impact the current trend with a shift in consciousness. Choose your battles. Choose your tools. Choose your vessel. Choose your stance. Choose your energetic state. It’s up to you. Calm, steady change, away from anger and discord, will lead to, not only salvation, but evolution. Okay?

#151 Catch Up to Your Soul Again

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

What seems to be the problem? Why the hesitation? Don’t you trust your journey? Don’t you see that every step is meaningful and right? Why the pause, why the disturbance of withdrawal, of backpedaling, and of inertia? Don’t you know, by your intuition, your deepest inner resonance that your path is correct? Are you being pulled by old habits, or merely stopping in your tracks out of a feeling of lost self? Reconnect your synapses now, so that all functions smoothly and with unrequested continuation, simply because it is right.

Catch up to your soul again, to your seeking self, or it may leave you behind, too far behind, as it goes seeking alone, and that, my friends, means that you will lose contact again, lose touch with your inner you, and lose touch with your path that is so right for you.

Follow your resonance. Seek resonant energy every step of the way, even as you pause and ask, where am I? Regain your balance, calm your outer you, and allow your inner you to speak up again, so that you clearly hear the words of truth telling you, “yes, you are on the right path, trust me, trust the journey, trust what you are given, and trust the path that is being pointed out to you. Oh yes, this is so right.” Abide by the rules of your own inner truth. That is where you will regain your balanced perspective, and reconnect to your true voice of calm and reason as you make your journey through life. You may have to dig a little deeper at times, thwarting outside distractions and disturbances, but get used to that process, for it never fully leaves your nearness, though you will, over time, notice it less and less as it has no meaning after a while. Stay the path of your own truth, and use your inner focus now to guide you. This is good.