#154 You Are Being Tested

Dear Jeanne,
Any guidance today?

There is a slim chance that you will miss an opportunity for growth and progression if your awareness is dull or covered. Do not hide now during this time of shift and potential change. Awareness is key. Use it to maintain your calm and your balance, but use it also to sniff out your proper path. Any deviation from your focused, forward growth will sidetrack you, though if you are alert, and hop back on track, your way will become clearer. If you remain off-guard, and off the well-chosen path, may there be subsequent difficulties in returning to your focused direction.

I do not say this to alarm you, but only to incite vigorous alertness. Keep your nose sniffing out the proper direction for your inner spirit to take as a time of vagueness approaches, while at the same time a great shift is underway. This is now a time to remember why you are doing such intense self-work, and why you are seeking new life. If your path is the right one for you to be on, then will your trained focus reassert itself quickly. But, if your difficulty has been in choosing the proper path, then may your nose have difficulty staying on the right path, as both void and tremendous energetic shift collide and dispel any clarity you may have perceived, and instead throw you into doubt and oblivion.

These devastations can be avoided, sidestepped, by hunkering down now into inner focus, turning eyes, and sight, away from the confusion that swirls around you, and remaining with nose to the ground. With your nose to the ground, sniffing for clarity of direction, and your eyes turned inward, may you meet your resonance, and be well on your way, as you turn away from outside energy, influence, and the distractions of confusion and fog that now approach.

A slim chance exists for such entrapment if you don’t stay innerly focused, and this is what I suggest all do, for the next four or five days, as a time of turmoil and shift arrives to test your progress. If you keep in mind that you are being tested, at all times staying focused on your goal, seeking completion of this rough and grueling test, will your success be assured. If you think you will breeze right through the test, don’t be so sure. Just because I say there is a slim chance of distraction, does not mean that the energy will hold itself back from even a tiny crack in the structure of your defense. No big egos allowed!

Everyone will be tested over the next few days. It is the energetic shift now taking place that determines this, and not you. So, get ready. Stay focused, nose to the ground, and remain innerly turned, so that you arrive at the other end of this time of turmoil with barely a scrape or dirt upon your knees, but, instead, more firmly embedded in knowing that you are on the right path, and that you have succeeded in passing a test, that at first glance looked easy, well-known data, but, afterwards, you will realize that it was one hell of an exam!