#153 Why Am I Here?

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for today?

Seek now your purpose. Contemplate, deeply, your reason for just that life you now live. What must you accomplish? What must you learn? What are you attempting to complete? If all else in your life appears too difficult to handle, too overwhelming to figure out, then focus on this one question, why am I here? Use that questing of true purpose to anchor and guide you to resolution of all else in your life.

Why am I here? For what purpose have you returned, yet again, to life upon that earth, at just this time, in just that life, surrounded by just those people, and meeting up with those you now engage? All of these circumstances and questions are pertinent and meaningful. What are you supposed to be getting right, this time? What in your life is pointing this out to you? In what manner are you being guided to discover your central theme, in this lifetime?

Question everything, because everything is meaningful. Seek guidance when stuck, so that you may advance quickly, and not waste time stuck in the marrow. Seek answers of those who have experienced the truest facets of life, so that you may advance with quick insight, and understanding of your journey. There are many now upon that earth who hold golden knowledge, and use it properly and well, without personal agendas, simply offering everything they know, because it is the only means by which mankind may advance, and this they know.

Use the circumstances in your life to guide you. Why do you read my messages? Do you really seek guidance? Well, are you utilizing it in your life? Or do you just read it because you find it a thrilling read? Are you a seeker of truth and meaning, ready to do the work of the self, or do you wish to be told that you are not ready for such advancement, and remain a baby, under the care of others? To advance, and become a true spirit, an evolutionary journeyer, must you do the work of the inner self. With proper guidance is it available, as the knowing ones point it out to you, until you understand what it means to take your own journey.

Yes, there are many guides upon that planet earth, at this time, and many who wish to be guides. But who really does the work right, by making you be responsible for your decisions, and your questing, and your own inner work? You are your own greatest guide, but your inner spirit must find reflection outside of you in order to grow. Otherwise, your mirror speaks not, but only reflects back the self you are, speaking only what you speak, over and over again, as you ponder and question. Are you as Narcissus, who saw only his own reflection, thinking he was the height of beauty and perfection? What then became of him? Nothing, for he grew not beyond that idle self-reflection. He never left the world of the outer self, to go deeply into the inner self, with proper guidance, because he never looked outside of himself for answers.

When I encourage you to contemplate the self, I do not anticipate that you will take on the shadow of Narcissus, or any other reflection, but that you will crack the mirror that now holds you bound to ideas and promises of beauty and perfection, that have nothing to do with the reality of who you truly are. The world beckons with many promises to grow to perfection, both externally and internally, but there is no quick panacea, no perfect solution, or simple path to achieve the perfect you. That is not what life is all about. Life is about seeking meaning for your circumstances, your choices, your relationships, your entire world, created by you. And who is responsible for that life? Only you. Your inner you seeks resolution, always. There will always be another question, another challenge, another step to figure out. There is no such thing as perfection. There is only the journey to keep taking, and learning about your self as you go.

I encourage you all to become part of the growing spirit energy that is blossoming all around you. I encourage questioning of the inner self at all times. I encourage engagement in resonant energy. But most of all, I encourage you to take responsibility for doing the work of the inner self, with bravery, with dedication, and with no thought of self-perfection, but only thoughts of eagerness for what comes next. What challenge will I be presented with next? How will I solve the riddles in my life, now that I have gained new knowledge? What will life throw at me next, to test me, and to present me with opportunities to continue growing?

I know I present you with a lot to think about. Do not become overwhelmed, but calm yourself every day, into your balanced center, before you begin your day, and from this inner center, determine what you must do, today, to advance on your inner journey. Seek advice. Seek your one true place of resonance and guidance, and allow for a dialogue of growth to be undertaken, so that your perfect self-reflection may crack, and the real self be born inside you. You are not what you think you are. You are only what you have the potential to become, and that, my friends, is always waiting for your discovery. Will you ever finish your seeking? I hope not!