#152 Turn Down the Volume of Hatred

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have guidance for us today?

Abide by the energy. Allow it to guide you, so you know how to act, how to respond, and how to remain in detachment, even as it may take off in swirling energetic pulls. From your calm center assess, now, where you, personally, stand in your own life, and your own inner work, before judging what is happening around you. Allow your centeredness to be your firm ground upon which you stand, no matter what may assault you.

I warn against reacting too quickly to anything, as is often the first response. You are no longer in a position to act with such quick and final conciseness that may only result in devastation. Take time to slow down inner turmoil, the old rankling habits that may seek to throw you out of your calmness, and disrupt your good flow that you have been working so hard on.

Abrupt change is in the energetic force right now. It bodes well, if handled properly, but otherwise does it harbor much failure in communications, as well as world peace efforts. Do not become overly attached to the destructive nature of such force, for then do you tip your steady boat, and risk drowning in the surging ocean of discontent. Remain firmly at the helm, feet spread wide and planted, for a long and terrific strain of bad weather. Much now seeks to attach to the anger that travels upon the darkness, yet is it not necessary to engage in it, for in so doing, is there but fueling of it as a result.

As the world around you continues on its devastatingly downward path, what do you choose to do? Do you engage in darkness, and fuel your own anger because it is easier to serve that, than it is to serve your inner spirit, seeking solace and calm? Of course it is much easier to let go of the wheel, and throw yourself overboard, rather than hold on tighter as your knuckles grip the wheel ever harder. But then, you risk drowning in the ever-darkening seas. I suggest that focus on calmness will lead you back to inner strength, and that is what is necessary during times of turmoil.

Do not get swept up in the hurricane that heads now pounding upon the shores, seeking to, indiscriminately, ravage all that lies unprotected. Turn your backs upon it as it sweeps across your bow, and remain upright as you fight to remain calmly centered, your ballast sure and stable. From your inner calm will your direction be shown, and your negotiation of the waters handled with surety.

Yes, there is much energy now upon that earth that seeks change. But what kind of change are you going to allow? It is up to each of you, now upon that earth, to focus on inner calm, and remain calmly centered in focusing on the goodness in all of mankind, or there will be only turmoil ahead. A great shift in consciousness is possible, yet does this require more than a few good souls for it to be fruitful, and firmly established, when there is so much hatred now spewing in angry voices. Turn down the volume of hatred by becoming a voice of calm in your own life, and your own turmoil. Yesterday’s anger may turn against you, or you may turn against it, by answering back, swiftly, with a newer, calmer response, asking for universal compassion and brotherhood, rather than derision and separateness of purpose, and turn the actions toward communion, rather than separateness.

Do not become isolationists. Do not become separatists. Do not become dictators, nor tyrants, any of you. For none of you have yet the right answer upon the worldwide stage. Those who speak loudest, speak wrongly. While those who speak softly have words of true wisdom. Turn the volume down on the shouters of insults, and the defiant screamers, so that the softer voices, the steady ones, speaking calm, peace, and unity of all, may be heard. Turn from individual concerns of property, of wealth, of power, and turn instead to communal concerns of global change, and the very earth you all stand upon. For what will your anger reap, if there is not earth upon which to grow your sustenance? How do you expect to survive if you cannot breathe, eat, or survive the devastations of Mother Nature, who seeks, so loudly, to alert you to your truths?

Will all your wars and disagreements mean anything, if there is no earth to walk upon, to live upon, and to enjoy? Idle hands do not aid in growth, nor does loud speech make for progress. Only busy hands, and calm words of wisdom are now the necessary tools. No weapons will have affect, only tools now. Only tools of knowing, and tools of focused shift, from anger and darkness, to calm and steady hope, may have affect.

Darkness is often predicted, in order to wake up the sleeping souls upon that earth. This is a cyclical occurrence, as many historians will note. But this time, my friends, will the recovery not be as in the past, for far too many things have been disrupted by man in his eagerness for wealth, and far too many upon that earth have been left unprepared for this time of darkness. Yet, is there hope for survival, if a great shift in consciousness, and action, is immediately presented and acted upon. Listen not to the warmongers, and the speakers of dark anger toward others, but listen to the lovers of man and earth, who warn now, greatly, that destruction is happening, even at your very feet, and yet are you drawn to focus on the shouting that fills the air.

Look down at your own little world now, immediately, and draw the proper conclusion. What can I do, now, today, to change my part of the world? Even the simplest act today, and then another tomorrow, will have worldwide effect, if all participate. If no more shouting is filling the air, then the energy of anger will die down, for it will not be fueled by your anger, or yours, or yours, or any of you who seek peace. Your energy, turned compassionately outward in gentle and loving regard for all, as one, will have impact, and then your attention to the waste at your feet will have further impact. At no other time in the history of man, has this been more apparent. There has been no other time quite like this, and the energy, now upon that earth, can either have fatal consequences, if allowed to proceed on the current course of destructive anger, or it can turn swiftly, with conscious shift, into healing, accepting, energy of change that will benefit all.

It’s really up to all of you. Those of us, who offer guidance and aid, can only alert you to the fact that your life, and the life of the earth, now, is totally up to you who now reside there. This is your lifetime upon that earth. Are you choosing to have impact on your own life and, in turn, the world at large? It is possible, you know, supremely possible, to impact the current trend with a shift in consciousness. Choose your battles. Choose your tools. Choose your vessel. Choose your stance. Choose your energetic state. It’s up to you. Calm, steady change, away from anger and discord, will lead to, not only salvation, but evolution. Okay?