#151 Catch Up to Your Soul Again

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a word of guidance for us today?

What seems to be the problem? Why the hesitation? Don’t you trust your journey? Don’t you see that every step is meaningful and right? Why the pause, why the disturbance of withdrawal, of backpedaling, and of inertia? Don’t you know, by your intuition, your deepest inner resonance that your path is correct? Are you being pulled by old habits, or merely stopping in your tracks out of a feeling of lost self? Reconnect your synapses now, so that all functions smoothly and with unrequested continuation, simply because it is right.

Catch up to your soul again, to your seeking self, or it may leave you behind, too far behind, as it goes seeking alone, and that, my friends, means that you will lose contact again, lose touch with your inner you, and lose touch with your path that is so right for you.

Follow your resonance. Seek resonant energy every step of the way, even as you pause and ask, where am I? Regain your balance, calm your outer you, and allow your inner you to speak up again, so that you clearly hear the words of truth telling you, “yes, you are on the right path, trust me, trust the journey, trust what you are given, and trust the path that is being pointed out to you. Oh yes, this is so right.” Abide by the rules of your own inner truth. That is where you will regain your balanced perspective, and reconnect to your true voice of calm and reason as you make your journey through life. You may have to dig a little deeper at times, thwarting outside distractions and disturbances, but get used to that process, for it never fully leaves your nearness, though you will, over time, notice it less and less as it has no meaning after a while. Stay the path of your own truth, and use your inner focus now to guide you. This is good.