#155 Again, You Are Being Tested!

Dear Jeanne,
You’ve been speaking about the volatile energy of this time, and the next few days remain significant, energy-wise. Do you have a message of guidance that will help people get through the weekend, until we meet again on Monday?

Yes, guard your own energy first and foremost, from attack and from internal firings that would interrupt and create situations that are unnecessary. Remain in calm contemplation, aware that this time of disruption is upon you. Be alert, so that you don’t get drawn into battles that would, otherwise, not exist. Such energy, as I have warned of, creates its own disruptions in order to gain momentum. Such is the character of energy of commotion. Do not get drawn into the chaos of it, or you will fail your test.

Approach the weekend with steady sobriety. Appoint yourself supreme commander of your ship; no deviation from this job is allowed, if you are to succeed. This, I cannot stress enough. And what must you do in order to remain firmly in command? First, remember, at all times, that you are being tested. Your every step is under scrutiny, and the smallest slip up could mean disaster. But if you are firmly and staunchly planted at the helm of your vessel, with hands firmly grasping the wheel, so are you at least taking the proper position for an alert and ready captain. But none of your preparation will matter if you forget why you are there. You are being tested! Remember this at all times.

Secondly, keep in mind that this is the energy of hunger and of tease. It is the energy that is only concerned with its own satiation and is not going to be of help in any fashion, so don’t even think about engaging it. This energy is not to be trusted. Avoid it, at all costs. Even as you must steer your vessel right into the midst of it, must you avoid breathing it, or allowing it to enter your calm inner self. Turn your back on it, reject it, but also have it clearly in mind, that this is going to be a quiet weekend of calm inner work. Become a monk for the next few days. Not avoidant of life, but as a monk who knows how to practice inner calm, no matter what rages around him. Become as Buddha under the tree of infiltration and temptation, and do not attach to that which approaches.

Thirdly, your firm knowing, your pre-testing already done, and your alertness now, are your main guides. Keep them ready. Keep foremost in your mind that, “Oh, okay, this is a test. I already know what to do. I can pass this test by remaining calmly placed in my own inner knowing. Anything, and everything, I encounter over the next few days is a great big test.” So, decide that you are well prepared. Question everything, and decide that it is part of your test, even if it seems insignificant and minor, so is it going to be part of your test.

What is your test presenting to you? And how are you handling it? Don’t get caught in the testing of others. That should not be your focus. Your focus is to remain steadily calm, no matter what comes at you. Plant a picture of Buddha in your mind, and bring it up at every moment of testing, to remind you to go calm, be steady, and sit in inner contemplation. If you don’t have a concept of Buddha, there are plenty of other visualizations to give yourself, even an animal pictorial, or a great spiritual leader, a calm and gentle soul, may be your anchor. But find now, ahead of the great testing period, a mental picture to use as your guide. This is your fourth rule of preparation.

And the fifth is to trust. Trust your knowing. Trust your abilities. Trust your inner you. You have trained well for this time of turmoil. Let’s see how you do. And remember, also, that there is no true failure. Even if you do not pass this exam, so have you learned much about yourself, about how energy works, and about the nature of synchronicity and the universe, how all things affect all other things. Do not be afraid of this time of turmoil. It is actually a very progressive and amazingly growth-oriented energy that now sweeps in to your energetic field. As you turn your back, turn away, and go deeper into your calm inner knowing, so will you gain and grow exponentially, no matter what the final outcome is. There is no real failure of this test. All will grow, though I continue to warn, and warn, and warn. That is the message to keep in mind. You are being tested, have no doubt about it!