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Soulbyte for Friday June 23, 2017

In trying times look to Mother Earth for guidance. Notice how her trees react to what comes, how they bend in strong winds and stand still in calm air, how her flowers show their brightness in the sunlight and how they close in the dark of night, how her creatures instinctively know what to do no matter what comes in a day’s unfolding or a night’s drama. There is no better guide than she whom you walk upon, who’s air you breathe, who’s water sustains you. She is your mother too, for she supports you and keeps you safe no matter what happens. Even in her wildest moments she remains intent that this day is important and worth giving her all to, and that includes you, for she is dedicated to all of her creatures, including her human beings. Though you may forget her, she remains your eternal mother and teacher. There is always something new to learn from Mother Earth, for she teaches always. Look to her on this day and all days and learn her secrets, knowing that she wishes only good for you.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

Readers of Infinity: Look Outwardly But Turn Inwardly

Here is this week’s message from Jeanne:

Eventually, as you take your path of heart, it will all become clear... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Eventually, as you take your path of heart,
it will all become clear…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

We must all take our own journeys. We must let others in our lives take their own journeys as well. Yet we must all accept the guidance that comes to us, just as we must all responsibly share the guidance that we have to offer.

There is a fine line between being a teacher and being a student. In the beginning we do need guidance, but our far greater work lies within, in the context of our inner world, where only we can go. And so a teacher may be necessary as we begin our inward journey, as we seek our own path. Eventually our teacher will let us go, because we will let the teacher know that we are ready, and the teacher will not hold onto us, for a good teacher knows when the student is ready.

Seek always your own path, even when you are a student. Don’t forget to look around you as you go through life, searching always for the next sign showing you your new direction. Every day life points you in a new direction—each day—aiding you to find not only your anchoring soul within, but the flame of your transcendent soul as well. This is what you seek, access to both your grounded self and your free self. They must be brought together in some form of practice that will enable them both to harmoniously coexist, as well as continually advance.

Look outwardly but turn inwardly to find the signs that will lead to your greater connection with Self, with your wholeness, with your calm inner knowing self.

Do not be afraid to be different. Do not be afraid to latch onto that ray of light which resonates so deeply with your heart. It is only by taking that path of heart—different though it may be from the paths that those around you are taking—that you will find your true self.

Your path of heart is the only one for you. Once you are on it, you will know it. Then, become a good teacher by your example, by your practice of taking that path of heart every day of your life through task and turmoil, through joy and disdain, through beauty and destruction. If it is truly your path of heart then it is right, and everything you encounter on that path is right too.