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Chuck’s Place: Soul Mate & The Masks Of God

The active side of infinity is always seeking... - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
The active side of infinity is always seeking…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

If indeed we are the “active side of infinity,” as don Juan asserts, then our mission is to live and thoroughly bring consciousness into the myriad of possibilities of infinity that we embody.

We are probes of awareness bringing light and life into the darkness of wholeness. Through our experiences of exploring a possibility, what we call a lifetime, the universe becomes aware of itself. Infinity lights up and grows through all of our “individual” journeys.

All our individual journeys are fragments of a greater whole, with specific missions to enhance consciousness through the lives we each live. These fragments that we are create the illusion of separateness that is necessary to explore a specific part of the wholeness we are here to enliven and enlighten. Of course, behind our illusion of separateness is the real truth of our oneness with infinity.

The primary driver of the separate self, our soul we’ve come to identify with, is a longing for unity with its lost wholeness in infinity—that is, the complete union of consciousness with its wholeness—the complete union of light with its darkness.

The truth is, we are souls seeking union with our one true mate—infinity itself. The driver of that union is love.

Love is full merger with all that we are and all that is. Nothing is rejected in infinity. On the other hand, love seeks the fullness of union, and for this to happen we must release attachment to all the illusions we attach to in our fragmented journeys, all the masks of God, beings we merge with, beings that awaken our lost forgotten wholeness, who offer us temporary refuge in the lives we live.

If we cling too highly to a golden being who wears the mask of God for us in this life, we are caught in the dilemma of clinging to false gods, the essence of karma. Karma, in this context, is our journey to the completion of the true wholeness that we really are.

Where have you projected your Soul? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Where have you projected your Soul?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

There are many worlds we enter on this infinite journey where the golden Soul Mate of wholeness projects itself upon another being. We are drawn to unite and ignite with this being in our quest for fulfillment.

Jung identified some archetypal programs that govern such projections. The shadow is a projection of a side of our wholeness that we refuse, experienced in people we are compulsively drawn to fear, hate and reject. The shadow hides in the darkness, but our journey to unmask it will bring us closer to our golden light, as we come to accept the unaccepted within ourselves.

The anima/animus archetype draws us to seek completion through merging with our unifying Soul Mate. The romantic and transpersonal experiences of this archetype, outwardly projected and joined with, bring us deeper into the fullness of infinity. However, we are challenged to unmask these golden companions as well.

I spent thirty years with my golden “Soul Mate” Jeanne, only to discover, as she entered the astral realm, the deepening reality that though we had experienced Soul in this life together, I was but one “soul mate” in life. There were many soul mates in many lives, both in hers and in mine. This expanded knowing blew wide open for me the idea of the specialness we all feel as we encounter the golden mask of she/he that reflects ultimate union in this life. Sorry, I learned, the buck just doesn’t stop there.

Our growing consciousness demands that we continuously stay only within the truth. The illusions open the door to the truth, but we cannot attach to them. Ever-deepening love allows us to broaden our connection to our ultimate Soul Mate—infinity—by welcoming all the truths, as we gracefully and with love retire all our illusions of separateness and specialness.

We must leave our little soul mates and find our true golden Soul Mate... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
We must leave our little soul mates and find our true golden Soul Mate…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

All our golden encounters with our golden masks of God are truths, but relative truths—stepping stones to the ultimate wedding—union with infinity, in full consciousness.

Little bit of Soul,

Chuck’s Place: Your 4th Dimensional Self Sent You Here

Can't wear it when I go... - Photo of Chuck's Jacket by Jan Ketchel
Can’t wear it when I go…
– Photo of Chuck’s Jacket by Jan Ketchel

We issue forth from infinity, a seed planted with the intent to individuate, to become a unique life with a specific purpose in this world. All seeds share the same fate: to become fully what they are. And when this life ends, we return from whence we came: “Going home behind the curtain, going home without the costume that I wore,” -Sincerely, L. Cohen—from Going Home

All the while we are here, we seek our lost wholeness in the many masks of God we attach to, projections that reflect our infinite Selves. But, while here, we are also on a mission. Our infinite self, Brahman, must stay safely ensconced behind our bliss sheath, beyond our awareness, as we, in turn, seek our bliss in becoming the seed we are intended to be in this life.

Joseph Campbell, like Carlos Castaneda, encouraged us to fully embrace and experience the life we are in. After all, our challenges are experiments from the fourth-dimensional Self, as Jung put it. For Jung, the fourth dimension was the dimension of quantum physics, which grasps the unitary interdependent nature of reality. It’s the dimension beyond space and time, where psyche and soma merge like a particle and a wave, in infinite oneness.

Jung designated our Brahman self, the Self, granting recognition to the part of us that is infinite, that lies behind the curtain. Less than one year before his death in 1961, Jung confided the following in a private letter:

…one can define a dream as an experiment of a four-dimensional nature. I have never tried even to describe this aspect of dreams, …because I have found that our public today is incapable of understanding. I considered it therefore my first duty to talk and write of things that might be understandable and thus would prepare the ground upon which one could later on explain the more complicated things…” –C. G. Jung Letters, Vol. 2

What does it really mean anyway? - Photo by Jan Ketchel
What does it really mean anyway?
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here, Jung hints that dreams, in sleeping and waking life, are experiments from the fourth-dimensional Self. The experimenter is the Self that lives in infinity. It is that Self that projects its seed of intent into this life. This higher Self intends the life we are sent to live in this third dimension of time and space, birth and death. Jung suggests that it is this higher Self—seeking to view, enhance, and experience itself in an experimental life—that projects us into this life, to then live that intent, whichever way it goes, bringing back its recapitulated experience to infinity in dying.

The Shamans of Ancient Mexico came to the same conclusion: we are beings projected from infinity, granted awareness that may be enhanced through experience—whatever that might be—in a three dimensional life, which eventually ends and contributes its findings back to infinity.

From this perspective, we can see that we are always in two places at once: Self and ego self, eternal and transitory. Furthermore, the antagonists in our life, our petty tyrants, are necessary players in our quest to individuate. Our petty tyrants rattle our self-importance. In fact, by their merciless actions, they stamp out any flame of ego-worth. It can take years to emerge from the ashes of such abuse. Yet, freedom can only be obtained in accepting the true nature of things—that ego life is an illusive life, partitioned in third-dimensional reality.

If we drop our ego attachment yet maintain our awareness, we enter fourth-dimensional experience: enlightenment now. This is what our petty tyrants offer us. Our encounters with them tear apart any illusions of ego importance. We encounter fully the relativity of our life in this world.

Yup, everything dies. - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Yup, everything dies.
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

We are beings who are going to die, our lives are transitory. No need to build up a trust fund of worth to obtain immortality; it’s all a distraction. Our true purpose is to fully actualize the seed in keeping with the intent of our higher Self, without attachment to everlasting life in a temporary vehicle. This experience of bliss—fully actualizing the life in the seed—aligns us with that higher Self, without need for a protective sheath. We can handle the impact of our immortality while in our temporary vehicle. Here we join with our fourth-dimensional Self in our three-dimensional life, living now.

Quite an awesome experiment, Dr. Jung!