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Chuck’s Place: The Change Has Come

At least the sun still rises in all its glory…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

We have been future shocked. In our time, before our eyes, the world has shifted to extremes. It’s really a lateral move, nothing new, simply a move to the outermost edge of the known, a comic book version of a familiar world.

We have become an alternative permutation of the reality we once knew, now overtly dominated by impulse and self-importance, supported by the speed and breadth of social media’s reach.

As a therapist, I see the pall of powerlessness and depression run through the lives of many. Often, I point out this collective dimension of these mood states, which many people tend to locate more in the immediate events of their own lives. The animal within us feels the threat we all live with, the mind interprets it more personally.

The truth is that we are in a time of great change. The wild politicians merely reflect the wild natural forces transforming the globe. The world is being reshaped into a sustainable homeostasis by nature itself. Humanity’s inflation is being schooled.

As individuals, what can we do? First, see the truth of the bigger picture. The Earth is transforming. The UN report on Biodiversity and Ecosystems, released last week, states that at least a million species are on the verge of extinction.

The human species, though hardly on the verge of extinction, is more than double what the Earth can sustain in a balanced way. The great migrations of our time reflect this truth, as natural resources dry up. Unlimited growth is not only not an option but is already being curtailed by nature’s storms.

Seeing these truths, we must practice compassion, detachment, and self-regulation. The Earth’s transformation is causing great suffering.  Compassion and kindness lessen the suffering and warm the heart. Detachment, with love and empathy, gives sanctuary to the Spirit, so vital in guiding us in these dark, uncertain times. The Spirit is optimistic, as it sees the relativity of now: all things must and do change.

Self-regulation is mind, the mental body, in partnership with its own Earthly home base, the physical body. The mind that acquiesces to right action for the self, limits the desire body’s control of the physical body. Unburdened by unnecessary wants, the physical body is available to exercise its magical abilities under the direction of consciousness.

The ego-Soul, under the mentorship of the heart chakra, can tell the body to extinguish unhealthy habits and institute evolutionarily productive behaviors. This was the real reason humans became conscious, to speed up nature’s decision making in a responsible way. At present, the ball has swung back into nature’s court, as humans have yet to mature into this privileged position.

Finally, at the heart chakra we know that we are all inseparable parts of the same whole, individual cells of the same body. As such, we have the power to influence the whole, through the living of our individual lives.

One person who finds true balance in the context of their individual life, sends out a balanced energetic wave to all who surround them. That person, as well, becomes an energetic partner of healing at a subtler level, with all the healers of the world. You may never physically meet those other healers, but energetically you are connected to and contributing to the greater good.

Yes, the change has come. See the truth, live the truth, and be empowered to advance true healing.

With eternal optimism,


Chuck’s Place: The Right Of Insatiability?

Just keep it simple! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Just keep it simple!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

In an economics class in my early undergraduate years of study, a professor stated that human needs were ever-growing, and must be met. This, he stated, was human nature and our economic system was structured to meet those demands. I challenged this unquestioned, sacrosanct commandment that growing needs and demands must be met.

How many parents would agree that their children’s ever-growing “needs” and “demands” are sacred rights that must be met? Needs are indeed a core element of human existence, but limitation is equally a part of life. Catering to needs without limitation is a recipe for disaster, in this case leading to sustained childhood and immaturity.

On the world stage, the impact of this recipe for disaster is palpable as the burning of fossil fuels pushes us ever closer to extinction. And yet I hear even Alan Chartock, the very intelligent President of and commentator on WAMC/Northeast Radio, suggesting that fracking in New York is inevitable given the endless demand for more energy. Again, I hear demand as an unquestionable, unstoppable sacred right that we will even let bring total destruction to the home of our physical bodies, planet Earth!

It is hard not to feel powerless and defeated as we watch the world melt before our eyes. However, as Laurens van der Post—Jung’s friend and biographer—once assured me, Jung was convinced that a monumental change in an individual would indeed change the world.

We are all holograms of the greater world. Cast a light on any of us individually and you will find the world; as within so without.

Following this axiom, we are all empowered to change the world by addressing the mirror of insatiability that reflects deep within our own lives. What is it that we are addicted to? What insatiable need and demand reigns unchecked in our lives? What is it we cannot get enough of or do without? Is it self-importance? Can we not help but check our Facebook likes and status? Can we not turn off our cell phones—even to sleep, shower, make love, eat, drive or watch a movie?

Are we addicted to the critic of failed perfection chanting away inside us? Does the voice of failure, doom and gloom dominate every waking moment and every night of sleeplessness, unchecked by limitation? Are we caught in the ceaseless throes of self-pity, itself a bottomless pit of tortured need, unchecked by any limitation? Are we driven by compulsive actions to fill our voids with substance, “love,” worry, and more and more stuff?

If we look hard enough, we will find insatiability in some form in all of us. Even extreme modesty can mask an insatiable need to control the self; even control requires limitation if it is not to secretly harbor an unchecked addiction to power.

Decide what our true needs are and flow from there? Sounds like a good idea! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Decide what our true needs are and flow from there?
Sounds like a good idea!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Deciding to use less power, to buy a fuel efficient car for instance, does not necessarily solve the energy insatiability issue. First of all, we must question whether an ego addiction to being “better than” or “smarter than” isn’t hiding behind the persona of environmental consciousness. If this be the case we are not advancing beyond a fixation at the level of insatiability. Truly conquering insatiability requires brutal honesty with the self. We must cut through all our self-illusions and face the truth of our habits. Why do we really do what we do? Are we ready to move beyond our addiction to insatiability?

Decisions and behaviors that flow purely from the true needs of the self will accept the limits necessary to maintain health and balance. Every individual who brings themselves into this alignment steps beyond the myth of the sacred right to insatiability. Every individual who achieves this maturity advances beyond illusion into energetic reality where insatiability is properly housed as the quest of spirit to journey into the unfathomable, into infinity, sober of spirit, unending in flight. Ready for that insatiable quest?

Going beyond,

This is Serious

These wild flowers and grasses may not be here in a few years

I’m posting a couple of articles that strike the dire note of truth, yet why do we still pretend? It really is time to prepare to live differently. The polar ice cap is melting at an incredible rate. Many cities along the coasts are already preparing for rising waters, taking matters into their own hands while some wayward politicians and the big industries pretend, for their own profit alone, that there is no looming global warming crisis. They know they are lying.

The rain forest is turning into desert, the wild weather over the past year is showing us just what we have to face in the future: tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, flooding.

It really is time to change how we live. Make some personal decisions. We can’t stop what’s happening, it’s too late for that, but if we each do something to change our current lifestyle we may be able to adapt to the new world. 2012 or not, the world is changing dramatically, as we speak. Take a look at the following articles, just a sampling of the truths being spoken and written about. This is the new reality—the future is now.

This regarding the truth about radiation leakage at Fukishima.

This about the real truth of global warming.

Not a bright message to start the day, today; I can only offer a very honest one. It’s time to get sober and really decide how to flow with the inevitable rather than continue fighting, lying about it, and denying it.

On a serious note,