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Readers of Infinity: What Is True Reality?

Sometimes the world blurs and it's hard to tell what's real... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Sometimes the world blurs and it’s hard to tell what’s real…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here is today’s channeled message. You might hear the birds in the front yard feeding off the seeds we put out for them. When the words “when you dream, you are in your energetic form…” came, there was a rush of bird energy, a flock of blackbirds suddenly flying up into the air, an affirmation of the true reality of that energetic self and a synchronicity underscoring just how experiences do come to support our search for wholeness.

July 14, 2014-What Is True Reality?

Readers of Infinity: Energetic Communication

Today, we present the weekly channeled message, as well as a message to all who knew and loved Jeanne, as well as to those who never knew her in this life. Today is the day that Jeanne died in Heiden, Switzerland, twelve years ago.

Open the energetic lines of communication… and see what happens! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Open the energetic lines of communication…
and see what happens!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here is the weekly channeled message first:

Let the energy of now take you forward. As your journey unfolds, stay informed of the always-changing self. Allow transformation to take place, and with awareness allow the self to change. In awareness that you are indeed a changing being, in constant flux, allow your life to take you now into new levels of consciousness.

Turn your gaze outward each day, even as you turn it inward. Notice where you life is trying to lead you. Listen to your inner self and listen to your body self. These two selves, your energetic you and your physical you, must become true partners on your journey through life. Think of your energetic self as the gas you put into your vehicle, driving your physical self, it’s trusty companion. Your mind intercepts, cutting off natural communication. Quiet the mind and let the two of them communicate once again, directly. Let your gas flow, without blockage, into your vehicle, as you simultaneously learn to accept your life as an ever-changing flow of energy, signs, synchronicities, and messages. In opening to the existence of such universal communication outside of you, you may find that the mind is not as necessary as you now think.

Thoughts often confuse, but your energetic self and your physical self seek only growth, uninhibited. Your partnership, in alignment, will result in a tiptop vehicle to drive through life in, with your energy flowing nicely within. Keep it always in good shape and it will not fail you. Find out what all of that means for you. Everyone is different; everyone must find their personal equilibrium and balance. Take one empowering step on behalf of that partnership today and every day, devoid of the mind’s trappings and old sayings. Clear the mind so that the channel of communication may always be open and flowing. And then see what new happens!

Here is the rest of the communication from Jeanne, as Jan asked her to comment on the anniversary of her death. Here is what she had to say:

Love…The only true means of communication… - Photo by Chuck Ketchel
Love…The only true means of communication…
– Photo by Chuck Ketchel

Although my absence is still felt, those who knew me and were deeply attached to me must not grieve for me, or for themselves and the loss of me in their lives. Life is death; death is life. As I have said many times before, though I do not exist on that plane, I do exist! Take that into consideration as you continue your own lives upon that earth. Sorrow is a manifestation of the mind. If you silence the mind, removing what it tells you from your thoughts, releasing those mind-thoughts from your physical body as well, you will discover your own true energetic form. This energetic self does not exist only in your physical body, but outside of it as well, in eternity. If you can experience this energetic self, even for a second or two, you will know that I exist!

Set your intent to access and experience this self and then you will know the answers to the questions that the mind cannot grasp very easily. Experiences of the energetic self are the means to understanding how I can still exist. Your physical self will grasp this as well, once the mind’s conjuring have been removed. It will “know,” as deeply as your spirit knows. You already know what I’m talking about.

Every night you dream. Begin to dream with intent now. Intend to accept your energetic self and, with awareness, practice using this self more frequently, in waking and dreaming, allowing something besides your mind, and what it thinks it knows, to guide you. Look to your heart, the true organ of communication in each of you.

Energetic communication is what I have been doing, and continue to do. I use my energetic self to communicate and work in all worlds. The practice grows as lessons are learned, as awakenings are explored and accepted. It is a viable means of communication that can be practiced anywhere, even between people upon that earth. It’s called telepathy in some circles, but I prefer to call it energetic communication.

Be open to life in a new way, to the life that lies before your eyes, My Dears. But also be open to life that you cannot so easily see with your human eyes. When doubt arises, ask the self to let it go, to stay with burgeoning awareness, simply for the heck of it. There is no harm in that! Be an explorer! It’s what I am. I explore, try things out, discover how things work, and then I use what I learn to communicate. In the beginning, it can be a challenging and even clumsy process, but over time skills are naturally honed.

I look for you all in energetic form, those I knew intimately in more than one form and those I don’t know yet. I always have been looking for you. Look for me in return. You will know me by my energy! There will be no doubt that it is I!

My love expands upon you all. It’s all that matters, you know, love and loving all beings equally, without attachment.

Readers of Infinity: Isn’t It Time?

Here is Jeanne’s message to us all for this week and this energetic time. May we all find the means to access the energy of now.

Energetically speaking… this is the energy of now… captured in the early morning light… - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Energetically speaking…
this is the energy of now…
captured in the early morning light…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

From a place of calmness observe your life, the life you have created as well as the life that has created you. Be honest and open to both truth and possibility so that you may fully know the self. Once the truth of life and self is accessed and accepted—once it becomes the foundations of your awareness of the self in the here and now—then new steps can be taken and progress resumed.

Energetically speaking, there has occurred volatile movement. You may see this all around you. You may hear it, see it, feel it. Maintain awareness of energetic energy separate from the solidly human self. Put aside your head, your reasoning and judging self, and simply observe this energy in the same manner that you might put aside your thinking, judging self to observe your physical life.

With the two truths of physical and energetic self acknowledged and in hand, you are now equipped to move onward into a new phase of life. In sobriety of self, fully accepting of all that you know and observe, I ask that all of you humbly take full responsibility for who you are and who you have the potential to become, i.e.: the higher self. Accepting who you are in a humble manner opens the doorway to accessing that higher potential self.

You may experience your potential as a mere idea or ideal, but keep in mind that everything is energetically possible. Keep in mind that aside from your solid human form, you are energetically comprised of everything you need to reach your fullest potential. Isn’t it finally time to embrace the energetic self and advance to a new level?

I encourage all of you to leave judgments behind—of self and others—and, as you challenge the self to move on, challenge others to do the same, knowing that by your humble example you offer the greatest means and the greatest help.

Universal energy abounds, ready to be shared equally. You alone have the potential, within your own life and your own circumstances, to utilize it in a new positive way and set a new momentum going for all others to hook into, those in your life, but all others in the world as well. A potential for a new movement is always present, but now more than ever. Even if you have no ultimate vision in sight, it is enough to begin a new trend in the direction of good. Strive always for that and you will be well on your way to solving the issues that now plague you and hold you back.

Seek the good inside you, even while you seek joy in your life. Energetically speaking, in combination of joyousness and goodness, you cannot go wrong! With those two energetic companions accompanying you through life, your outlook for a brighter future is well on the way to being fulfilled.

You are the change you seek. Without fear face your future and know that it is waiting for you, just as you wait for it, with open arms. Fuller life is there in your future, but you must head out to meet it. It cannot find you without your help, physical and energetic help alike. You must be fully present for that to occur, active and alert. In taking action, all that you wish for will become a reality. That is the secret to taking responsibility for the self: take action on your own behalf!