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#753 Who Is My Teacher?

Written by Jan Ketchel and including a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

Recently, while reading one of my favorite books, The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, one that I dip into quite often, I came upon the chapter regarding the need for a teacher or master in order to maintain a proper spiritual practice. According to Buddhist tradition everyone needs a teacher, for how can you know you have reached the true nature of mind if you are not guided in some way by someone who has gone before?

I have never liked the idea of a master and I just could never personally accept the idea of a guru. But as I read this chapter I began to worry that I might not actually be doing my studies to the fullest. As I read a little further, however, I learned that the Buddhist teachers would often speak to the old masters who appeared before them in visions. They sat and spoke for many hours on end, listening to these masters who had lived in ancient times, in one case described as the second incarnation of Buddha. Eventually, these teachers begin to sound like the masters. They channel them. The author describes his own students coming up to him after a talk, telling him he spoke with the voice of his own teacher, long dead.

I laughed when I read this, my worry about having a teacher immediately melting away as I realized that I have had a teacher for the past ten years, a very good one: Jeanne! She has been most present—receptive, challenging, confrontational—pushing me to evolve. I have indeed been her pupil and gone through many stages of growth with her gentle and sometimes not so gentle prodding. I suddenly felt so much better, experiencing a real aha moment. For some reason, I had not fully grasped this idea before. Although I have always called her my teacher, in this moment I got it. She is my guru and as much as I have never liked that term, as much as I could never imagine myself aligning with a guru per se, I now acquiesce to the fact that she is indeed my master teacher.

I began to ponder the idea that we all have a master teacher or guru somewhere in our lives. We may not recognize this teacher in those terms, because the terms themselves don’t really matter. But what I also finally realize is that I did indeed need a guru of some kind to help me get where I am now. I was so caught in an old world that it seemed it was the only one that existed and I could not have gotten out of it without some help. And, I still need a guru to teach me how to continue evolving.

In The Tao of Physics Fritjof Capra writes on page 88: “A Bodhisattva is a highly evolved human being on the way to becoming a Buddha, who is not seeking enlightenment for himself alone, but has vowed to help all other beings achieve Buddhahood before he enters into nirvana… not simply to enter nirvana, but to return to the world in order to show the path to salvation to his fellow human beings.”

When Chuck read this statement to me the other day we both immediately recognized Jeanne as a Bodhisattva. Her messages from the very beginning have stressed that she is present to help others to awaken to the truth that all things are energetically interconnected and alive. This is her mission and that of her group.

Today, I explore with Jeanne this realization that struck me as funny at first, but then as fascinatingly true, that she has been my guru for the past ten years, and an excellent one at that. I am deeply grateful for all I have learned as her pupil. I have stayed connected to her through many uncertain and painful moments of self-discovery and awakening. Through it all, she sat calmly as I made my way back to her again and again asking for help. Over time I learned that she always had the answer, in some form. And indeed, as I evolved, I learned to channel and now her voice flows through me quite easily, though I had to go through many seasons of doubt.

I truly believe that she is available as a Bodhisattva to others as well. Several people have told me that she guides them and I am so happy whenever anyone reveals this. I know how good a teacher she is. And since it is her mission I can only hope that others will find the strength and innocence to reach out to her too.

So, I ask all of you to investigate the possibility that you may already have a teacher in your life. Perhaps one that is very much alive, or perhaps one you speak to as I do Jeanne, in quiet moments of inner work and study.

The Buddhists, Hindus, Shamans, Quantum Physicists, and others agree that what we consider reality does not, in fact, exist; that it is illusion created by our needs, desires, and fixations, and that true reality is an interconnected web of energy. We are all part of this interconnected web of energy, one nature. Within this framework we all have access to the masters, teachers, and gurus who are just waiting to guide us to understand energy and the oneness of all things; the Bodhisattvas who are ready to help us understand also how everything we perceive as real is not really there.

I have learned through my work with Jeanne to dissolve the world of solid objects into flowing energy. Through the practice of meditation I have more deeply grasped what I have learned over the past ten years as her pupil. And each week, as I write this blog, I am challenged once again to accept Jeanne as a Bodhisattva and appropriately express what she teaches.

Today, I ask her to offer us a teaching along the lines of recognizing or finding a teacher. I know that we all have access within; that we don’t have to look too far outside of ourselves. So, I ask Jeanne: How can we all recognize the voice of our true teacher? Can you also offer some guidelines on setting a practice in place with the teachers we already know and trust? As our world changes rapidly now, I believe we need to connect with our inner and outer teachers and guides more than ever. There is a pressing need for spiritual practice based on energetic interconnectedness. Because the truth of nature is that we are all the same.

How can your readers recognize their teacher? How does one begin to listen?

Here is what Jeanne says:

As you know, Jan, often the best moment to access your spiritual advisor is at a moment of despair, collapse, calamity, at the moment of breakdown when an old self is breaking apart. At such a moment, when the old rules you have set for yourself just cannot uphold your world any longer, you are open and ready for contact. However, breakdown or abruptly painful moments are not the only time one has access to the beauty of true life. In a moment of joyful enlightenment the way is cleared as well. In moments of clarity, in brief seconds of “getting it,” whether it be a personal issue finally falling into place or a universal issue finally making sense, at such moments the energy of each one of you is attuned and in alignment with all energy.

These moments of enlightenment are brief, so fleeting that it is almost impossible to hold onto them, profound though they may be. It takes a whole string of such moments, for the most part, before one learns to grasp onto them as the most meaningful moments in a lifetime.

How often, I ask each of you, have you had such moments of clarity, whether blissfully delivered or painfully presented? And how have you dealt with them? Have they faded away, been forgotten as you have gone back into reality? I ask that you each make a note, mental or otherwise, of all of these moments in your life, the moments of magic, of mystery, of clarity and of enlightenment. How many times have you, in fact, already been prodded awake in your life?

I guarantee that everyone has had more than a few such moments. However, so used are you to sleeping through life that the cloak of slumber quickly snuggles you back into the illusion of normality and you forget that you have experienced oneness with all things.

The first challenge to the self in your quest for a teacher is to become alert to your wake up calls. Become a student. Note how these wake up calls come to you and how you have received them in the past. Recognize them as wake up calls and train your awareness to become more alert by reminding yourself throughout each day, to remember, remember, and remember this: I am a being who is energetically connected to all other energy; alive or dead we are all the same. Remember this always: We are all the same energy.

In putting together your moments of awakening to the greater picture of the self as energy you will eventually string together enough moments to build a practice upon. A practice must be in tune with your everyday world. No matter what your situation you can begin a practice, because the practice is within. You carry the tools of your practice always with you. The first tool is awareness. And this is what you will hone as you remember. But you will also hone it by utilizing it daily to gain new moments of enlightenment. Even a simple instruction to the self to notice how the events and signs in your world seem to line up is a way to begin. What are you being shown each day that you have been missing?

Placing your attention on a new means of being in your life, by remembering your moments of awakening while asking yourself to stay awake for a little bit longer each day, should work to further you on your path.

Do not worry so much about who your teacher may or may not be. A teacher will not reveal him or herself as such. It is not how a true teacher works. He or she will never say: “I am your teacher.” This is something that you alone will discover when you are ready to realize it.

I interrupt the channeling as a moment of enlightenment occurs!

Yes, I concur with you Jeanne. Although I have spoken of you as my guide for ten years now I have sort of relegated you to an inner place, a guide related to my inner work, but now I more fully recognize you as my master teacher. I have achieved a big moment of enlightenment today, at this moment, as you help me to more fully grasp that my inner world and outer world are one. You have been asking me to more fully integrate them, to awaken to the fact that I must live outwardly what I have learned inwardly. This is another big aha moment. I thank you and ask if you have anything else to teach us today.

Jeanne continues:

A teacher will be of your own discovery. Only you will energetically be able to align with and determine the process and the teacher that will awaken you. This may take some trial and error, but the end result will be enlightening!

I ask that you begin to more fully accept yourselves as energetic beings. It is difficult to face your death if you consider it the end of the self, if you consider the self only as flesh, blood, bone and organs. But, if you consider the self as only energy you will have a far greater opportunity to push ahead to accepting death as life. They are one and the same. Keep in mind that you all die a little each day as you forget those moments of awakening; you die energetically.

In pulling yourself into alignment with energy you gain life; you gain the awareness you need to navigate through the lifetime you now inhabit with far different insight than in past lives. If you are truly ready to evolve, the concept of the self as energy will not puzzle you for long because you will experience it. Then you must be open to the truth of such an idea as the one true fact of life. That is how you will discover who your teacher is.

In conclusion: Practice remembering. Practice remaining aware.

Do not be angry or disappointed if you can only hold onto a moment of awareness. It is enough for that moment. But then ask the self to notice the next one. Do not give up. Eventually you will wake up more fully. And each day, and even each night, you have the opportunity to do it again!

Stay connected to the idea of everything as energy and you will have learned the beginning teachings that all Bodhisattvas must learn. Start with that!

Thank you to Jeanne for this lesson today.

Most humbly offered,

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#662 You Are All Bodhisattvas in Intent

Today’s question comes from Chuck followed up by a question from Jan.

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
When you first left this world you returned briefly to Cambodia to effect the completion of your life as Jeanne Ketchel, not needing to fully reincarnate. You then returned in spirit as guide and support for Jan in her long and arduous recapitulation. Things then shifted as I was fully brought in to participate in this mystery, greatly shifting my own evolution.

Your place of compassion continues to flow though Jan and I, as we deepen our abilities to detach. At this stage, I see you functioning in the role of a Bodhisattva, one who is enlightened but chooses to remain connected to this world as a teacher with deep compassion for all. Would you agree with this characterization of you at this time?

My Dear Ones, I am one of many such connectors, trained through our own evolving to be available as teachers. So, yes, your characterization fits well the place I now inhabit, the title Bodhisattva bestowed by men who long ago learned the truths of life and meaning. These ancient knowers do not now hold back their knowledge, but half of the world does not avail themselves of such ancient knowledge. Too fearful of life itself are they to even consider that life is meant to be lived in preparation for death of the human form and entry into life and adventure beyond that human form.

As you know, I have spoken of my early times after death as my learning ground, and I have been on quite an adventure, I can tell you. Chuck, our adventures into Tensegrity were nothing compared to the instruction I have received and completed on my most recent travels due to my level of awareness now. That being said, yes, this life I now lead is quite rightly one of advanced knowledge with its purpose as teacher, its greatest and most humble task. For I do not hold reign, nor do I capitalize upon any position, for I am not ego or self, but energy itself. I can only hold what I have rightfully learned and what I have trained hard for, earning energetic intent and content of knowledge as I progress.

In my own practices I have advanced many levels since I departed that realm, since I left behind the body of Jeanne Ketchel to be dealt with by you, My Chuck. I have worked hard to grasp not only the true meaning of all that I encountered upon my transformation, but I chose this life I now lead. For the time being, I am content to be part of the process of teaching not only love and compassion, detachment and evolution, but also in giving you access to connection with us and to offer greater knowledge and awareness to those of you who reside upon that earth.

I ask that you allow yourselves to let go of fear of what I speak of, for there is no harm in exploring the possibilities that lie before you, as you will one day leave that earth. I offer what I can through the many channels that I have available to me. And by channel I do not only mean people such as Jan, who “channel,” but I also encompass in that statement the energetic means by which I have access to that realm. In energetic form one has possibility to go between worlds, to access for reasons of guidance, comfort, enlightenment, etc., and to teach, in order for those of you upon that earth to have the opportunity to grow and to resolve the issues that bind you so heavily to that realm.

In teaching, in reaching out, in presenting what I too had to learn as a student of energy, I offer you the other side of life. Your life upon that earth is but only half of what you have available to learn about. I appreciate your braveness in daring to trust my words of guidance. I humbly acknowledge your innocence and I hold it most tenderly. All of my readers and students of energy, all who look for connection and guidance, I hold you most humbly to my center of love, of compassion, and of innocence too. For in my state, I encompass all those things, while at the same time I am a being who continues to evolve, to learn, and to understand that which is available to me at this level.

You have taught us so much over the years and we continually find your teachings reflected in the works of others, both in current and past channeled works, in ancient texts, and in the writings of those who have truly explored their inner world. Many who have done the inner journey have learned what we have been learning through you. I would have to say that, although I was always innerly turned and spiritually driven, I, Jan, was not as widely read on the inner world as you and Chuck were. In your pursuit of careers as psychotherapists you did a lot of deep inner work at an earlier age. My inner journey was always based more in my experiences and my exploration of them. Now I see the journeys we all three took as equally valid and necessary, each of us learning in the way that fit us most well.

Now we have this connection, with you having gone ahead to teach from there, me as your channel, interpreting your guidance, and Chuck as the real teacher of how to take the inner journey here on earth. Our connection bridges our two worlds so that we can offer, most humbly and from our hearts’ intents, what we learn. We are able to anchor with you through the experiences we have had with you, gaining a fuller understanding of the meaning and purpose of life upon this earth. Previously, you have spoken of the three of us having been connected in past lives, and that we have rejoined now in order to do this work together. I find it amazing and yet I struggle with finding a better way to make your teachings more well known. For we often feel that you are a modern version of that very ancient knowledge you speak of.

How can those of us who are channeling and teaching what it means to take the inner journey —and trying to do so without personal gain, using only energetic intent— offer what we are learning? There are many who are in this role, with purity of intent and purpose in their hearts. Is it enough to do what we are doing now?

Those of you upon that earth in the role of channel, of having private connections, those of you who innocently and shyly have been accepting your abilities to communicate on such a level, must continue to allow your personal connections to evolve. As you practice, you begin to change the self, and that is always the first step in enacting evolutionary change on a greater level: to first dare the self to change. As you allow the self to take the inner journey and go into the unknown, as you return to your innocence and your trust in the energy of all life, you confront your fears and inner issues that block your energy from its true purpose.

In your personal inner work you will discover the many layers of self: the ego self, the big baby self, the inner child self, the fierce adult self, the hidden parent self, the masculine/feminine selves, etc. As you do your inner work the process becomes just that, a totally innerly process. It is a process of breaking down all that you suppose, know, and adhere to about the self and the world, allowing the elements to be sifted through, until they become but grains of sand in your hands. At that point you are ready to blow it all into the wind and totally accept that you are nothing of importance, except energy that is available to channel. Then you are ready to be present upon that earth without ego and attachments to the past, available to go forward without fear and to bring back what you learn, simply because it is available to you and it is right to do so.

You are not special, any of you. This you learn as you take the deeper inner journey. Once you have reduced your ego —your past, your present, your future selves— to that sand, and allow it to be taken by the wind, you will enter the world of energy more fully and you will begin to get it, to get what life is all about, and your purpose will become most clear.

I say: Stay open. Do the inner work at all times. Question your actions. Face your fears. Provide the self with opportunities to make spiritual, energetic contact that carries right resonance for you alone. Your connection awaits. You will discover, as you work with your personal guide and as you take your personal inner journey, what you alone must learn, and your purpose in the world will unfold.

So, to firmly answer your question, I say, keep doing your inner work, trust your connections, allow the self to take the journey that unfolds, and allow your innocence to guide you to what is right to do next. How will you know it is the right next step to take? As I have said many times before:

It will be the direction that challenges and frightens you the most. It will be the one that is most energetically charged. It will be no less challenging than the day you die and face what comes next. As you continue to do your inner work, My Dear Readers All, you will understand that you are all Bodhisattvas in intent. For it is that which lies at the root of all beings, and it is that which you seek: total alignment with the soul’s purpose.

Take your soul’s journey, even as you take your human journey, parallel lives that eventually merge. And when that happens you will know exactly what to do in order to teach what you too have learned. But first must you truly live it, and that is what we, your guides, are teaching you how to do. We are teaching you how to live your soul’s journey.