Chuck’s Place: Faith As Creator

Have faith in your suggestions…
-Illustration © 2023 Jan Ketchel

Shamans call faith unbending intent. To have total belief, confidence and trust in one’s intent brings it to life. However, without faith, dreams are stillborn.

Christ stated that even he, a great healer, was unable to heal someone who lacked the faith that they could be healed. In this case, not believing it’s possible to be healed becomes one’s inevitable manifested intent.

At an elemental level, quantum physics demonstrates the role of human thought upon physical manifestation. In the famous double-slit experiment, a light is shone through two openings. When unobserved the produced result is a wavelike pattern. Under human observation the same experiment creates a particle pattern. Human thought impacts matter.

Modern consciousness is burdened with a rational bias that dismisses outright a suggestion that does not conform to logic. Rather than adhere to a more scientific stance that holds that anything is possible, until proven otherwise, the tendency is to attach to a blocking belief and dismiss further consideration or experimentation with a possibility deemed to be not rationally possible.

The well-worn adviso, don’t attach to the outcome, or the shamanic dictum, suspend judgment, frees the energy of creation and allows it to run its intended course unimpeded by constricting beliefs. Though we can imagine our intent, and call it forth with words, we need to completely surrender to an aloof, detached tracking of the course that creation will take, accepting the time it will take to manifest.

Our intent is like karma; once established it must be realized. Suppressed intent eventually surfaces. The world is currently grappling with political leaders, attitudes, and issues dating back to WWII. The collective unconscious demands new resolution of perennial conflicts that interfere with achieving a sustainable peace. The world’s collective consciousness must refine its conflicting intent and have total faith in the possibility of peace.

At an individual level, we may hold blocking beliefs in the habitual depths of our personal psyche. Spontaneous comments like: “I’m not worthy; that can’t happen for me,” or “That’s not possible,” might surface from one’s internal dialogue.

Don’t fight with such thoughts. Fighting is attaching, a reinforcer of blocking belief. Alternatively, use the intrusive thought as a trigger to remind oneself that anything is possible, and then restate your intent.

Intent, like hypnotic suggestion is a direct appeal to the subconscious mind, the true mother of creation. Realize, however, that all intent is not necessarily healthy intent nor in alignment with your soul’s true mission in this life. Negative intent, delivered with strong faith, may manifest just as often as positive suggestions. We all must deal with the karmic consequences of our choices and actions.

Doubt can be a blessing to consciousness. It can spur one to refine the appropriateness of one’s intent. The nagual, don Juan Matus, advised that one have a romance with knowledge, engaging thinking and doubt before forming an intent. However, once one has arrived at the appropriate intent, embrace that intent with total faith, with unrelenting, unbending intent.

Some intent may not be fully realized at the human life stage if the timing conflicts with our deepest soul’s intent. In this case, the fuller maturation and completion of the intent will be realized in a future form. Though destiny in human form is unavoidable, this does not void the fact that anything is possible, and that ultimately everything is possible.

Ancillary practices are part of unbending intent. An intent for healing, for instance, is best supported by healthful practices that reflect one’s absolute faith in their ability to fully heal. Attention to deep care and rejuvenation of the body embodies one’s intent to heal, with a powerful suggestion to the subconscious mind. Mental practices that tone the nerves, and transmit calm, deepen the conscious mind’s channel to the receptive subconscious mind.

Find your faith in possibility. And with focused, patient knowing, load your suggestion on the wings of intent. See what happens.

In good faith,

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