Soulbyte for Monday May 4, 2020

Suspend judgment of self and other as you weather through these turbulent times, as you watch the world change, and as you change as well. For how can you not be effected by the suffering all around you, by the frustrations and needs of the many? What happens to one happens to all. For everything is interconnected in the greater interconnected universe, that which is good and that which is not, that which is kind and that which is not, that which is loving and that which is not. Find your way to the greater interconnected good that is kind and loving, and do your part to spread positive energy within the greater interconnected universe in every breath you take, in every thought and every action. A warrior, no matter the circumstances, chooses a path with heart and anticipates a positive outcome.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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