Soulbyte for Thursday September 26, 2019

A warrior knows that nothing is more important than anything else, and yet a warrior knows that every act has consequences, that every thought has power, that all decisions are critical and that every movement uses energy. So a warrior is thoughtful and careful in how energy is utilized, in what thoughts are allowed, in what acts are undertaken. A warrior conserves energy so that enough energy is available for what really matters most. A warrior stay slightly aloof, slightly detached, and yet a warrior is fully engaged in life. You’d never know a true warrior by looking at a person because a true warrior does not reveal the powers that have been honed over a lifetime of study and practice. But a true warrior is the most loving of beings, and that you will notice. The warrior’s path is always a path with heart, paved with loving kindness and compassion, no matter how hardened and solid, how strong and independent, how solitary that warrior is, for a true warrior knows that love is the energy that matters most, that fuels the warrior’s way.

Sending you love,

The Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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