Soulbyte for Tuesday July 23, 2019

Let bygones be bygones. When you turn and walk in a new direction, blazing your path of heart, leaving behind that which no longer is necessary, don’t look back. Pull your attention away from the past, from past regrets, resentments, and perceived wrongs, and without blame forge ahead on your path of heart, totally freed of all that once was. In this manner, proceed without attachments, without strings of energy inhibiting you, fully freed to move on into new life. Having done the work to free yourself of an old life, of an old self and old attachments, walk freely onward with joy, eager for new life. If the work of freedom has been done, then it’s truly time to enjoy that freedom, to fully own it. If old ties still bind, find the means to cut them, through complete resolution, with loving kindness and compassion, so that nothing holds you back, and so that you may walk on with a heart that is light and loving, knowing you have done the work of a warrior. And yet remain a loving being. With love in your heart, be your own master of your own fate. That’s freedom.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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