Soulbyte for Monday June 17, 2019

Trials and tribulations come in many forms, but their greater intent is to afford a shift, offering release from something that can no longer be sustained, pointing out something, within the self—in the body, mind, or spirit—or in the outer world, that needs a course correction. Look to your personal trials and tribulations as gifts, offering release from something that inhibits, offering at the same time the needed healing. View outer trials and tribulations in the same manner. Discover the real reason within the self for personal issues as they arise, and let go of that which brings you stress and strain, sickness and pain, for something at your core has prescribed a trial to be your healing balm. So is it with the rapidly changing world now. Get right with the real reason for the changes that are taking place, within and without, and get in alignment with the healing plan that will set things right again. Let healing be your personal intent now. Let go of that which is no longer part of the greater healing plan. And don’t forget, the greatest healing balm of all is love!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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