Soulbyte for Thursday February 21, 2019

Maintain balance. Get to know your inner Angels and your inner Demons, and without pitting them against each other ask for civility, respect, and full acknowledgment that thus is life in Earth School, a constant play between the two. They are your greatest teachers and advocates. Each has its place, each has its knowledge, each has its wisdom to impart. To maintain balance within the self is to love both aspects equally, to admire each for their steadfastness, their strength and fortitude, their commitment to teaching you as you journey through life. No exception, everyone has them.

So, be kind and compassionate as you observe the struggles of others and as you struggle too. For there is no real progress if your Demons and Angels do not appear to contradict, to push and taunt, to inspire, challenge, and instigate new activity and growth. Engage them, talk to them. Find out what they want from you and get to know how they work through you. Ask for their help and blessings, Angels and Demons alike. You may realize that neither is better nor worse than the other and that they love you equally and wish only for your best. Sometimes the greatest teachers are the ones you wish only to escape from.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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