Soulbyte for Tuesday February 5, 2019

Have you fallen under the spell of something? What happened to your personal power? Who took your energy? Discern what is personal energy and what is not. Distinguish between your problems and those of others. Take note: the collective energy that swirls around you may also have infected you. Not all feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, mental and physical problems originate inside you. Have you taken on something that does not belong to you, that is impersonal, of a collective nature? If that is your intent, to champion for a greater cause, then do so with conscious awareness, but do not let impersonal energy, grand causes, or collective energy usurp your own and use it for its own purposes. You may be feeling the weigh of such a spell upon you.

Get right within the self. Know yourself again, what your own energy feels like. Reconnect with your own feelings and emotions rather than identifying with and taking on those of others. Let yourself reconnect with your own highest goals for yourself. Find your spirit again and make amends. Stay connected at a higher and deeper level of self and ask your questions about the rightness of things there, within the self. That’s where all your true answers lie, within the self. Get right within. Discard that which does not belong. Keep only that which is truly you. And be okay with who you truly are. Rebuild your strength and your personal power within the body and with your spirit firmly at your core. Get right. And find your joy again!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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