Soulbyte for Friday February 1, 2019

Let your love shine so that you leave behind you the essence of something great, a filament of light and love in the atmosphere of Earth School. Without ego, let your love shine naturally by letting it burn through all the barriers and blockages that now keep you from fully expressing the light of love. Your pain is only love trying to escape from the confines of your dense physical body. Release it wherever it is stuck and let your love be free to do its good work outside of you, beyond you. You are a being of love, but only if you let your love go. It is in you but does not truly belong to you. You are love’s conduit, a carrier of the flame of love. It’s your true mission on Earth, to let your love go. Love is not personal. It belongs to everyone. Let it go. Let your love go.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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