Soulbyte for Wednesday January 2, 2018

Pace yourself. You’ve only just begun. There’s plenty of time. Let things unfold naturally rather than push with ego intent. Let nature show you how to go about making changes in a positive way. Yes, make your decisions, set your intent, and then be patient as change naturally unfolds, like each petal of a flower unfolds when it is ready. But first, you have to plant the seed, tend it, and lovingly encourage it to grow; first a sprout, then a stem and leaves, and finally a bud will appear before the blossoming can happen. You can’t have the blossom without the necessary early steps of transformation. A blossom without roots and a stem is nothing more than an empty hot air balloon. Without stability there will be no true grounding and your intent will not flourish. Be patient. Blossoming will come when the time is right. Master the first steps and then nurture and wait. Hold your intent on the flower, but do not miss every joyous and necessary step along the way.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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