Soulbyte for Friday November 2, 2018

Let go of who you think you are and become your promised self. Set aside what you know about yourself and become your unknown self. You were born with an imprint and a core issue. The challenge is to move beyond it. Though it may permeate your life in memory and emotion let it not overwhelm you. Let it not smother you. Let it not hold you back any longer from emerging from its shadow into the light of new life. Yes, you were set up, but by your own soul, who loves you and gave you your challenges. And more than anything your soul wants you to challenge its authority and break away from what it has saddled you with and take yourself to a new level. That’s the real challenge. Soul imprint or not, you can change. Throw off the old inner voices that keep telling you what you can’t do and what you are not. Give yourself a new inner voice, with new words and new promises to keep. You have the power to change how you think about yourself, ¬†what you say to yourself, and how you act. It’s time to embrace who you truly are. It’s your life after all.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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