Soulbyte for Friday August 10, 2018

Let love find its way into your heart and into your mind, into every breath you breathe and every thought you think. Be a breathing, thinking being of love, and let love find you in return. There is plenty to go around. Where it lies crouched in fear, or where it stays hidden behind a facade of anger, tease it out, breath by breath and thought by thought, and let it be reciprocated heart to heart, for that is good and what is good is necessary. Give a little of your love energy and then give some more. It won’t hurt you to give and it may even be just the thing for you, and for someone else, that provides a necessary change. Be loving in calm stillness, in the quiet of every breath, in the silence of every thought, without saying a word, just love.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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