A Message for Humanity from Jeanne: No Blame


The Human Being is as intricate as all of nature…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Good Morning! Here is this week’s audio channeling from Jan and Jeanne, offering us all some insight into our deeper selves, all the parts that make up who we are, how they operate within us and often leave us feeling like we are stuck and have no choice but to place blame on someone or something outside of us. To get into better alignment in one’s own life it’s always advisable to find out who is really in control.

A note in alignment with today’s subject: Jan is back writing her weekly blogs after a few year’s hiatus while she worked on her books. The final book is in the works, but in the meanwhile Jan is choosing to write of recapitulation in everyday life, not about sexual abuse but about how things come up in everyday life, all those different parts, and how to look at them in a closer manner, which is the theme of this week’s channeling. Catch Jan’s insightful blogs on Thursdays, here on our website or on theĀ Recapitulation Diaries Facebook page.

Have a great week! Be safe!

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