Soulbyte for Monday July 24, 2017

You can’t save another person. You may not even be able to save yourself, but you can try to get yourself into some kind of balance, some kind of workable state where you can know yourself better, know how you operate, understand your own moods better, and be accountable for your own actions and decisions. Sometimes just keeping yourself going is all you can do, the work of the self plenty of work indeed. Even as you realize you can’t save another person you can have compassion for the work they face as they too try their hardest to get themselves into balance. It’s not the luck of the draw but the intent of the individual and that comes from deep within the self, the motivation to become conscious and to evolve. And that is a lifetime’s work indeed! If you get yourself into balance then others around you naturally get into balance too. All is one, one is all!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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