Soulbyte for Monday April 11, 2016

The word for today is Patience. Regard the self as you regard others, and with patience and humility attend to your own issues. Extend yourself kindness, understanding and patience, such as you might extend toward another being who struggles. Ask yourself to proceed on your journey knowing that eventually all will work in your favor, but for now you need a little patience!

Remain aware of your true needs in life on a daily basis, not so much what you want to achieve in the long run in the world without, but your true needs to achieve stability and balance within. With inner peace and calmness life will meet you with peaceful calmness and your days will even out, but it takes patience to calm the inner fires and proceed along at a steady pace with a humble and contrite heart. Know that you are fully capable, fully deserving, and fully loved even if you slow down and add a dose of patience.

Let the universe guide you today. Be patient as you go into your day. See what happens as you acquiesce to the way the universe sets things up today. You may be pleasantly surprised!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne


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