Soulbyte for Tuesday December 29, 2015

We are on vacation this week. You might have noticed there was no audio channeling on Monday; Jan totally forgot! And so it was decided that Chuck would not publish a blog this week either; he is taking a much needed break! But our Soulbytes will still be posted every morning, though a little later than usual! Here is today’s:

All birthings are painful. New life takes work. Transformation is the result of a fiery process. Taking life one step at a time is good advice, but it is far better to allow life to show you the way. Even though it may lead you down a painful path, full of misery and mistakes, in the end it may be your salvation. For life is all about learning to be fully human but also about learning that you are fully spirit as well!

One step in the right direction is all it takes to start anew, but then let life itself guide your every step after that, showing you what you need and what you don’t to live a life of fulfillment. All you need do is be willing and stay aware, learning to read the signs and symbols, the dreams and messages, the transformative material that will guide you on your way. Remember: Everything is meaningful.

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne


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