Soulbyte for Wednesday December 30, 2015

Renewal comes only after devastation has occurred, for new life can only arrive through a process of death and resurrection. When seeking change, or when confronted by change, do not be thwarted by the difficulties that arise, for those difficulties are the trials and tribulations that will lead to something new. There must be sacrifice if there is to be new life.

Let life’s unfolding process guide you onward, showing you what comes next, but don’t forget to be fully alive and participatory, making choices that will lead you out of the potent fires of change and into new experiences of growth. Be strong as an ox, prepared to withstand what comes to propel you forward, but be also as gentle as a kitten when appropriate, enlivening and incorporating all that you are as you take your journey of change.

And don’t forget to look always for the positive notes in each day’s events. As small as they may be they hold the keys to progress. Your Self will thank you, and don’t be surprised if real change arrives sooner than you anticipate!

-From the Soul Sisters, Jan & Jeanne

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