Soulbyte for Sunday April 5, 2015

Enlightenment may come suddenly or in an odd way, yet enlightenment it will be. Whether a small step or a giant leap, enlightenment is to be taken seriously, to be studied, knowledge stored as the journey continues. All journeys have moments of enlightenment, yet often they are forgotten, pushed aside or denied because they don’t fit into the gritty realm of “reality.”

The warrior’s work is always to retain moments of enlightenment, to hold onto them as steps of change, the essence of meaning, and the seeds of progress toward a life of purpose. A warrior knows also that even though enlightenment may not strike very often, or may be misinterpreted as something else, that every moment of every day offers the same flavor of insight, the same potential energy of change.

And so a warrior does not sit and wait for enlightenment to come, but a warrior continues onward, knowing that every step is a step toward enlightenment and the ultimate journey in infinity. Thus a warrior is always prepared and preparing for the day of enlightenment, knowing full well that it is here now.

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