Soulbyte for Saturday April 4, 2015

Nature does not slow down. It proceeds according to plan. Seen or unseen, that plan is ancient. Marked and unmarked by time, it unfolds according to its roots and its imperatives. So is the life of every human being planned, the diagrams of life both seen and unseen, rooted in DNA and unfolding according to the dictates of another realm, the spiritual realm. Most people do not consider that they are beings from another realm at their core. A warrior, however, is fully aware of this. A warrior is alert to nature, respectful of it, knowing that all of life is paired, mirrored, and aligned.

A warrior know that when nature is in disharmony so is the human being, that when nature is disturbed so is the human, and that when nature is destructive so is the human. A warrior also experiences the beauty, grace, and splendor of nature as one with it. And so a warrior is always aware of inner and outer worlds, of nature as nature within, and that all things, including the human being, are projects of a higher realm.

To be a human being is to be of the natural realm and the spiritual realm alike. And so a warrior respects and cares for the oneness of everything, in reality and spirit. But a warrior is also fully aware that the human being is different from nature in that the human has the ability to choose a new path at any time. And so a warrior takes full responsibility for all choices and the progress of life, no matter what path is taken. A warrior is always concerned with navigating life according to nature and spirit, but always with what is right for all concerned uppermost in mind. And so a warrior takes into consideration self, nature, all other living beings on earth, and the earth itself, seeking always the path of heart.

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