Soulbyte for Monday April 6, 2015

Sometimes satisfaction in life is a simple achievement. With the basics in place, with calmness of spirit and physical self a sort of satisfaction may be just enough to carry one into the next phase of life. For if one is constantly seeking and does not pause for rest or relaxation one will achieve nothing more than stress and anxiety. Such lifelong companions steal away the pleasures in life, even the simplest things no longer have meaning nor are they even noticed. The light of the moon, the warmth of the sun, the brush of the wind against the cheek, the budding flowers, the sounds of nature become nothing. Yet these are the things that bring easy joy to life.

When one is so wrapped up in the anxieties of self nature ceases to be. Yet nature itself is the key to unlocking the self from the vicissitudes of life, for one is but a part of it all, one is nature.

The warrior knows this and so the warrior turns regularly to nature to relax, to learn, and to be at peace within the self, for the warrior knows that without finding satisfaction in life the evolution of the self will be curtailed, life repeated, satisfaction confronted again and again, until finally acquiesced to as a necessary fact of life. To achieve satisfaction daily is the task of the warrior as must as the seeking of spiritual prowess is the task of the warrior, both equal in the eyes of a seeker of a path of heart.

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