Soulbyte for Friday April 3, 2015

It is a good day to ponder the deeper meaning of one’s life and the direction one should now take as an unfolding of powerful energy is about to occur. This unfolding is foreseen, an energetic shift that is calculated and anticipated, and yet just how it will affect each individual is unique.

A warrior is aware of shifts in the universe, just as a warrior is aware of stirrings within the self, the energy that builds and wants out. A warrior always investigates what is happening inside and does not automatically become a slave to it, become overtaken by that inner energy, but tames it into useful material, to advance life along in a positive direction.

Today is a good day to become a warrior, to study the self and the personal energy aside from all else that is happening outside oneself. Though the outer world is a mirror, what one decides to do within the self must be the main focus if one is to ride through the unfolding energy in a meaningful and progressive manner.

Only within are the seeds of new life and change. Only within do they take root and grow. Only within will they be nurtured, for only within matters. If that which is stirring within is attended to, that which is without will properly align: as within so without. The work of now is the warrior’s work, with the energy within. Even as you observe the energy without turn inward and attend to the self. With kindness and compassion of course!

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