Soulbyte for Thursday April 2, 2015

To be one with the universe one must be one with the self. To be one with the self is the work of a lifetime. There is no greater path than the path of knowledge, for this leads to the path of oneness with everything. To achieve oneness within means to constantly adjust and readjust, shedding that which is not useful or has no value. In oneness comes not only alignment with all else but understanding and knowledge of all else as well. This is oneness with the universe.

To proceed toward oneness is the most worthy path, a real path of heart that takes one along many paths until they all converge and only one is left, the true path of heart. When the time is right this true path of heart appears and then oneness is certain, for finally self and universe are on the same path, lined with love, kindness and compassion at every step. As this true path is taken they too are taken and given, without doubt or fear or withholding, for upon the path of heart all of life flows naturally and the oneness of everything is revealed and fully experienced.

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