Soulbyte for Tuesday March 31, 2015

A warrior is fully committed to living life to the fullest, and yet a warrior is also fully committed to fulfillment of spirit self. How is this accomplished? A warrior is always aware of attending to the needs of life on Earth, dealing with what must be done in a dedicated and impeccable manner so that when all is finally attended to the needs of spirit may be given attention. Maintaining this balance is the greatest challenge a warrior faces as conscious awareness of this dual self emerges.

Focus on the needs of each part brings them into awareness. A warrior makes decisions based on keeping them both moving along in an evolutionary direction and so a warrior’s life is always a learning environment, a process of discovery and intrigue. What will your parts tell you today about life? And how will you deal with them?

Remember: a warrior’s ultimate goal is reconciliation of all parts and energetic advancement beyond the duality, mergence into the oneness of self and all energy. And so, a warrior is always aware that the journey of human life is but a small part of the whole.

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