Soulbyte for Wednesday January 28, 2015

There are beings of light waiting to connect with each one of you. How do you find your personal connection to a being of light, to a teacher and guide, to a bringer of truth? Ask. Ask for your being of light to find you, to connect, to bring you the wisdom and aid you seek. It’s that simple; ask. Ask with intent, with love from your heart, with the innocence of a child, trusting that you will be heard. Ask and then begin to notice what happens.

Guidance will come in unique and unusual ways, perhaps directly, perhaps indirectly; perhaps in easing of difficulties, perhaps in increase of them. Be certain that help will arrive in a way that is most beneficial to each of you as individuals on unique journeys. So do not despair in how your plea is answered, but learn to work with it. Your best interest is of the utmost importance and your guide will attempt to reach you by the most appropriate and effective manner. Your job is to be smart and attentive, to allow in what comes, and to do the work that is presented so that new guidance may come as you grow and evolve. Be attentive, positive, grateful, and stay open.

Soulbyte for Tuesday January 27, 2015

Distractions will come. They are as inevitable as unbidden thoughts. The trick is to not let them consume your attention and your energy. Give attention and energy when, where, and if necessary, but pull away from distractions that offer nothing in return, that are mere energy drains. Constantly refocus attention and intent, reminding the self of the far greater necessity of remaining on the warrior’s path, to seek always the true self and allow it life.

In times of distraction, conflict, and indecision, take some time to sit calmly, without thought, stilling the busy mind, allowing your warrior self to reveal to you the true desires of your spirit. Hold onto those true desires, making them your intent. Declare yourself a warrior of this intent and ask that your path of heart be shown to you. It will come, but will you recognize it and dare to take it? That will be the challenge.

Return always to calmness and let your warrior self advise you. You will know you are taking steps in the right direction because your spirit will be calmly certain, even if your innocence is afraid. Remember who is in charge and why you are alive: to bring your innocence and your spirit together so that you may take the warrior’s journey, hand in hand.

Messages for Humanity From Jeanne: Taking The Warrior’s Path

You never know what might appear to greet you as you go into the circle of self, seeking your wholeness... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
You never know what might appear to greet you as you go into the circle of self, seeking your wholeness…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here is this week’s channeled message, may it offer you the guidance you seek, as well as some good advice as you make new choices in your life. Most humbly channeled and posted for your listening pleasure!

Soulbyte for Monday January 26, 2015

Be safe during the storm! Here is the Soulbyte for the day:

Learn to bear the tension of life on earth with dignity and grace. Even while you must continually face your personal challenges and issues, seek maturity and a means by which growth and evolution become your main goals. To have goals such as these is to understand that the tensions you suffer are necessary, that they come as messengers, bringing you the knowledge you need to advance and become the spiritual warrior you are capable of becoming.

Work within the parameters of your own physical self to begin with, studying what your body constantly tells you. Ask it to show what its messages mean. Use your body as receiver until all becomes clear. Then clear it of its issues, one at a time, until you are an open channel of your own possibility. All of you are ready to evolve. Ask for help and you will receive it, knowing that all beings of light seek connection with you, seek to teach you how to advance along the warrior’s path of heart. But you must take the first step and communicate first with yourself. Begin with body self. There’s plenty there to give you your first lessons.

Soulbyte for Sunday January 25, 2015

To be open-hearted is to be a giver but also a receiver. To give and to receive in the flow of everyday life is a means of achieving balance, a means of release, and a means of acceptance. To learn to truly be open-hearted is the goal of a warrior. A warrior is always on a path of truth, a path of respect, a path of kindness, a path of openness, a path of heart. Test your own open-heartedness a little bit more each day. Relax your body and your mind and breathe into your heart chakra with the intent of letting go of all that your mind constantly intrudes with—the doubts, fears, and tall tales of untruth—and allow the door of your heart to open a little bit more. Certainly all have the ability to do this, but do you have the nerve? Are you ready to be vulnerable and to experience others as vulnerable. For this is what will happen as you become open-hearted; you will become both a giver and a receiver of vulnerabilities and innocence. Try it and see.