Soulbyte for Monday January 26, 2015

Be safe during the storm! Here is the Soulbyte for the day:

Learn to bear the tension of life on earth with dignity and grace. Even while you must continually face your personal challenges and issues, seek maturity and a means by which growth and evolution become your main goals. To have goals such as these is to understand that the tensions you suffer are necessary, that they come as messengers, bringing you the knowledge you need to advance and become the spiritual warrior you are capable of becoming.

Work within the parameters of your own physical self to begin with, studying what your body constantly tells you. Ask it to show what its messages mean. Use your body as receiver until all becomes clear. Then clear it of its issues, one at a time, until you are an open channel of your own possibility. All of you are ready to evolve. Ask for help and you will receive it, knowing that all beings of light seek connection with you, seek to teach you how to advance along the warrior’s path of heart. But you must take the first step and communicate first with yourself. Begin with body self. There’s plenty there to give you your first lessons.

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