Soulbyte for Sunday January 25, 2015

To be open-hearted is to be a giver but also a receiver. To give and to receive in the flow of everyday life is a means of achieving balance, a means of release, and a means of acceptance. To learn to truly be open-hearted is the goal of a warrior. A warrior is always on a path of truth, a path of respect, a path of kindness, a path of openness, a path of heart. Test your own open-heartedness a little bit more each day. Relax your body and your mind and breathe into your heart chakra with the intent of letting go of all that your mind constantly intrudes with—the doubts, fears, and tall tales of untruth—and allow the door of your heart to open a little bit more. Certainly all have the ability to do this, but do you have the nerve? Are you ready to be vulnerable and to experience others as vulnerable. For this is what will happen as you become open-hearted; you will become both a giver and a receiver of vulnerabilities and innocence. Try it and see.

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