Soulbyte for Saturday January 2015

Enjoyed a nice sleep in on this snowy Saturday morning! Though a little later than usual, here is today’s Soulbyte:

Be careful how you speak to yourself, how you think about yourself, how you perceive of yourself. You are not just your physical body, but far more. You inherit DNA from the beings who channel you into life, but your spirit is wholly your own. No one else has ownership of or command of it. And so, though your body may sometimes frustrate you, annoy you, and challenge you, your spirit will always guide and support you. Sometimes this guidance from spirit comes in tricky ways, for it may need to be creative to alert you and lead you along, but in the end it will always have your best interests in mind.

Your body is the costume that you wear through that life and it must be taken care of, listened to, and kept in good condition so that your inner life may flourish. If your concentration is solely on body self you will miss out on knowing the far greater spirit self, for beyond the body costume is the expanded self who knows all, is connected to all, and seeks only your accompaniment on the journey. To be in balance is to become more fully aware of the truths of body self and spirit self. Body will be fine if spirit takes over. Can you let it?

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