Soulbyte for Wednesday January 28, 2015

There are beings of light waiting to connect with each one of you. How do you find your personal connection to a being of light, to a teacher and guide, to a bringer of truth? Ask. Ask for your being of light to find you, to connect, to bring you the wisdom and aid you seek. It’s that simple; ask. Ask with intent, with love from your heart, with the innocence of a child, trusting that you will be heard. Ask and then begin to notice what happens.

Guidance will come in unique and unusual ways, perhaps directly, perhaps indirectly; perhaps in easing of difficulties, perhaps in increase of them. Be certain that help will arrive in a way that is most beneficial to each of you as individuals on unique journeys. So do not despair in how your plea is answered, but learn to work with it. Your best interest is of the utmost importance and your guide will attempt to reach you by the most appropriate and effective manner. Your job is to be smart and attentive, to allow in what comes, and to do the work that is presented so that new guidance may come as you grow and evolve. Be attentive, positive, grateful, and stay open.

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