Soulbyte for Sunday December 21, 2014

Each morning when you wake up resume your journey upon your path of heart. Without resentment, regret, or fear of failure reestablish your intentions, restate your dreams, and reconfirm your commitment to grow, change, and evolve as a human being on a spiritual journey. Allow intuition and innocence to accompany you, the two “I”s that will bring the “I” of your wholeness into alignment. To say “I am” is to declare that one is on a path of knowledge. Let this path of knowledge be refreshed each morning. Give it your fullest attention and then get up and go about your day, letting life itself guide you and show you where to go next. Knowledge will be revealed every step you take upon your intended path. A path of heart will naturally lead you to fulfillment of “I am” and to greater knowledge, if you let it.

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