Soulbyte for Saturday December 20, 2014

Find what you need in your own wholeness. You are enough. Part of you would like to point to the outside world and say that all of your problems are because of it, but there is another part of you that knows this is not true. This other part knows that you contain the whole world within you and that this inner world is the true one. Within lie all your comforts and discomforts, your fears and your calmness, your likes and dislikes, your trust and your security. Gift yourself of this wholeness, the structures of the self that are just waiting to wrap you up and receive you.

Take time today to connect with this world of you, unique and beautiful; like the heavens and the earth perfectly matched, like the moon and the stars perfectly aligned, like the sun and the waters perfectly reflective of who you truly are. Give yourself the gift of you today, and thoroughly enjoy and explore this most unique self. Be open to receive, even as you wish to give, allowing the self to be both giver and receiver.

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