Soubyte for Monday December 22, 2014

Remain independent. Remain centered in self, pondering always who you are, why you are there, seeking always your singular path of heart. You are as individual as the next person and although you may pair up with another and travel together through life remain always a solitary being. For those granted a solitary life of aloneness, take you solitariness as a gift and use it to your advantage. Find your freedom and your uniqueness in where you are. For those entwined with another your charge is twofold, to remain entwined and yet to also disentangle yourself and be the solitary self on an individual journey. Both paths, that of the solitary being and that of the entwined ones, present unique problems to contend with.

Take your challenges as your greatest tools of learning, your teachers par excellence! Accept the path you are now on, keeping always in mind that thoughts keep you stuck and are meant to be challenged. Be fully open to the unfolding of your personal path. Remember that paths cross, split, and converge endlessly, and thus life offers constant change. Be the best student of the life you are now in and remain open to the changes that meet you as you take your journey so that you may always flow with the changes in your life. This is how to evolve and be open to what comes to change you and your life path.

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