Readers of Infinity: Shift

Boldly, she took what was offered, without fear or doubt that it was not meant for her! -Photo by Jan Ketchel
Boldly, she took what was offered,
without fear or doubt that it was not meant for her!
-Photo by Jan Ketchel

Dear Everyone,

Here is today’s channeling. I began with a little introduction and unfortunately hit the stop button rather than the pause button, so I am posting two audio files. The first one is my intro and the second one is the channeled message for today.

On a synchronistic note, I opened my eyes as I finished the channeling to see a large shape seemingly sitting in the bird feeder. “What the heck?” I thought, thinking at first that it was a large hawk, but as I got up and went to the window saw that it was the head of a deer! I knew that deer were coming in the night and eating the leftover seeds from the day, since the feeder pan was always empty each morning. Now I had the culprit! I knocked on the window, but the deer only moved back a little onto the lawn. She stayed around for a good fifteen minutes while I got the camera and took pictures of her.

She came back to the feeder too! Taking small steps, as we are encouraged to do in today’s channeling, she trusted that she was safe. She knew very well that I was at the window, as she’d glance up every now and then, as if to say, “I see you, but I am not afraid. You are open and I too am open.” I sent her my welcome in return, allowing her to be present, as she was clearly giving me, and all of you, a meaningful message in return. She was allowing herself to be open, innocent, flowing and trusting of everything, perfectly in alignment with today’s message.

Personally, I interpret the presence of the deer this way: as innocent energy that will do no harm to anyone, as good energy, in fact, and so I intend to keep the innocent self open to receive today, just as Jeanne suggests we do in the channeled message. I hope you will too, as this deer came for all of us!

Thanks for listening and being a part of this new shift that I am going through. And I’m very happy it was not a groundhog that showed up!

Here is my little introduction:February 3, 2014-Introduction

Here is today’s channeling:February 3, 2014-Shift

One thought on “Readers of Infinity: Shift”

  1. I just pulled out Animal Speak by Ted Andrews and read this, the part that seems most significantly in alignment with today’s message:

    “Anyone who has deer as a totem will … begin to hear what may not be said directly.”

    “When deer show up in your life it is time to be gentle with yourself and others. A new innocence and freshness is about to be awakened or born. There is going to be a gentle, enticing lure of new adventures. … When deer show up there is an opportunity to express gentle love that will open new doors to adventure for you.”

    Pretty cool! I wish you all good luck in your new adventures! -Jan

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