Readers of Infinity: Seek The Divine Within

Here is this week’s channeled message from Jeanne:

This is what greets me when I step outside—a crow feather and a pistachio shell—a thank you gift from the critters I invite into my energy space... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
This is what greets me when I step outside—a crow feather and a pistachio shell—a thank you gift from the critters I invite into my energy space… – Photo by Jan Ketchel

Watch your energy. Study how you use it during the day. Study how you tend to end your day, your habits and proclivities. Study how you acquiesce and how you pander to your desires over your true needs. Guard your energy so you may use it for personal growth and instruction. Learn to take it back from that which offers no knowledge or instructional proclivity in return.

The point I make today is that your personal energy, uncontaminated, is of the utmost importance. Be concerned, therefore, in how you use it and in how it gets used without your awareness. To become an enlightened being one must study the self in many situations in order to understand the self, in order to retrieve lost energy for deeper inner work.

It is not enough to pray for guidance. One must enact one’s own guidance, from within. One must become one’s own guru, one’s own teacher. Seek knowledge within, for it is only in studying and knowing the self, without judgment or self-importance, that one will be able to know more. In studying one’s energy usage, one has the opportunity to retrieve lost energy, protect energy, and utilize energy for the inner process. Knowledge and foresight, deeper intuition, and greater awareness will come as one returns one’s personal energy to the personal inner source.

In inner contemplation comes clarity about the world, the self, and the use of energy—how it works to both benefit and harm the self and others. Positive energy vibrations exist and these positive vibrations are worthy of attention. Prepare the self to accept such positive vibrations from without by preparing for reception of them from within.

Inner work is the key to contentment and full realization of life and energy. Awareness is the tool. You hold it within. Wake it up a little bit more each day by studying the self on a deepening level. Don’t be afraid of what you hold within. It is mere illusion, blocking you from your deeper truths. Once you let it go you will experience the divine within. This is what you seek, inner divinity and inner peace, without attachment or self-importance. You simply seek what already exists. In this way will you change the world.

Seek the means of change within. In humbleness and simplicity, ask the raw self, the real self, the divinely pure self to guide you as you take your inner journey. Know this self and you will be halfway there.

“Halfway where?” you might ask. The answer to that is: Halfway to eternity, halfway to completion, halfway to the wholeness you seek, halfway to inner peace.

Love yourself. That is how to begin. Just love yourself enough to start a new process of energetic study. Go halfway to meeting that self—halfway each day—and pretty soon you will be meeting and greeting yourself like an old friend.

“Nice to meet you again! How’ve you been? We’re halfway there! Let’s keep going!”

Let yourself reconnect. Let yourself be okay with what is. Let yourself be okay with “me.”

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