Readers of Infinity: Pay Attention To The Signs

What are the signs telling you today? Photo by Jan Ketchel
What are the signs telling you today? Photo by Jan Ketchel

Here is this week’s channeled message from Jeanne. May it be helpful and guiding.

There are so many helpful signs that you miss as you go about your daily lives cloaked in your everyday lack of awareness. There is really a tremendous amount of guidance that seeks your ears and eyes, your hearts and body attention every day.

Now is a good time of year to reignite the curious and open self, the seeking self. Do not ignore or shut out the voices and signs that come to show you how to live your life in a more fulfilling and nurturing way.

Most of you are fully aware of the folly that has taken over the true heart of mankind, the greed and desire that have nothing to do with the true desires and needs of evolving beings. Most of you are aware that something else, no matter how much you have materially in that life, calls you most insistently. That other thing that seeks your attention is your evolving self. Ask this deeper self to listen and take note of the signs that come to guide you and to take action on your behalf so that you may be supported and guided in your efforts to change and evolve.

Allow your intent to flow from but also to be determined by this source of self, this deeper source, this deeper self. This is innate wisdom. This is the knowing self. Pay attention to what it tells you and act upon its advice more frequently now. This is how to train yourself to become a new being.

It’s not really that hard. Listen and act on what your heart and your spirit guide you to do more frequently now. These parts of self are in your human body—not outside, inside! Turn inward for the best advice ever. That’s all!

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