Readers of Infinity: New Rules of Engagement

Here is the channeled message for the week from Jeanne:

This is what greeted me when I looked out the window this morning! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
This is what greeted me when I looked out the window this morning! – Photo by Jan Ketchel

First, abide by rules of love and compassion for self and all other living beings. Take heed of life around you and note that there is grave need of such love and compassion, which is by far stronger than the rules that now permeate your world, destroying cultures and living creatures alike. Take a look at this worldwide view of things and know that each one of you has the opportunity to be part of a changing attitude and a changing world. Be thoughtful in all your decision-making now, keeping always this worldview in mind.

That being said, the most important decision that any one being can make is the decision to change the self, to align with the greater forces of good, that is to say, the universal forces of love and compassion.

Look now for more opportunities to change the self. They will become more apparent. Though the opportunity to change always exists, you will begin to be bombarded with direct messages of how to change, when to change, and what to do once you make these changes in the self. The world, on a mass scale, will begin to receive these drastic messages of change as well—for they are much needed and will be much supported.

It is time to take life in a new direction. Do not mourn what can no longer be sustained, but be strengthened by the energy that no longer need be wasted in areas that no longer provide the necessities of life. Move the self forward, taking only what is truly resonant and useful, allowing for new forms of energy and progress.

Do not dismiss the messages from the deeper self, especially those you have long ignored, for they are your guidance now too, bringing you individually to your next plateau so that you are better prepared for new life. In working on issues of the deeper self, you will be freed to accept and align with the changes you so desire and need, personally and collectively.

Freeing the self of old ideas will aid the progress of the worldwide effort to be freed of old ideas too, hateful and disharmonious ideas, as well as ideas of inflated superiority or deep degradation, of self and other. For at the core you are all the same. All human beings, now and forever, suffer the same needless issues. All human beings have the same opportunities for meaningful change to take place, now and forever. With conscious awareness that everyone will benefit from change, please make an attempt to change the self. Now is a good time!

Observe, as I said, the rules of love and compassion. In some manner, allow the self to warm to a new personal process, stirring up new feelings for the self. With honesty and truth, face your lies and untruths, most of which are both true and untrue.

Where have your thoughts and ideas about the self and the world come from? That’s the first place to begin. Who told you that you were not worthy of life and love? Not you, I guarantee!

Open your heart, just a little, to the truth that as a being of energy you are also a being of light and love. Try that being on for a change and take it out into the world today. And then try it on again and again, and see what happens as you step out into the world. You might notice a change all around you as you, a being of light and love, enter your old world structures and light them up a little!

Do this simple exercise that offers the opportunity for a shift and notice how you begin to feel, as you are received differently, and how you act differently in return. This is the lesson for the week: Be the loving and compassionate being you really are!

Thank you, Jeanne! Just as I had finished channeling the message, which I write by hand, I looked up to see a large dog in the front yard. It’s not unusual that one of our neighbors’ dogs might wander across our yard during the day, and so I expected it to sniff around, chew some bread crumbs perhaps, and then wander onward. This dog, however, stayed around. It wasn’t until I looked a little closer that I saw it was dragging a long lead that had gotten caught on a low rock wall. It was stuck! And so I quickly bundled up and went out to rescue it, Jeanne’s message fresh in my mind. I greeted it with love and compassion and it greeted me with the same. An old dog, I was pretty sure I recognized her and where she lived, and so I freed her from the frozen rock wall and off we trotted quite happily together down the hill and around the corner. I thought she would be happy to be heading home on this frosty morning, but she really wanted to take a walk, so we took our time. She sort of huffed, “Oh, okay, if you say so,” as we got to her house. A knock on the door and we were greeted warmly. Names were exchanged between us, people who had passed on the road and waved many times, but never made a deeper connection. Now I know the dog’s name too! As I walked back home, ready to type up this message, I realized that the message was already working in my life. I hope it does as quickly in yours too! Love, Jan.

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