Readers of Infinity: Impeccability

I asked Jeanne and all of our guides in infinity for a message of guidance today. Here is what I received.

Now is a time of change…

In order to change and evolve, a concerted effort must be made to constantly remain aware of the actions of the self in the world. In addition, perfection is required in all you do if you are to move the mountains that now stand in your way. Perfection requires a certain amount of attentiveness combined with a desire to succeed in making lasting changes. If one is to do deep inner work, commitment, impeccability, and diligence are needed partners in the process.

Look to the self for what all of this means, for only in working with the raw materials of the self will the necessary issues arise. What do you personally need to work on?

It is so easy to see the problems of others. Take what you see in them and apply it to yourself, for that is how to begin a deepening of your inner process. The imperfections you note in others are the signs pointing to your personal inner work. That which you cannot abide in others must be brought home to the self. This is the first step, to turn your frustrations and worries upon the self and use them to change the self. Change of the self must come first if one is to expect change in the world, so continue to ask the self to confront the issues that remain as burdensome blockages to change.

There is much fear and hatred in the world. When projected outwardly, onto others, no solution is offered. Such projection merely perpetuates an intolerable dilemma. In order for real change to occur you must all be daring now. You must all request impeccability of the inner self, diligence, and hard work.

Prepare the self for difficulties as you would prepare for life itself: work hard, take care of that which requires attention, and guard your energy. Do not be wasteful, greedy, or ignorant of the truth of the self. Do not hide what you know must be attended to. There is no time to waste. The truth must guide you now, on an individual level, as well as on a worldly level.

Impeccability requires acceptance of what is; then work with that. Facing the truths of self leads to honing the ability to change. When you are ready, you will change yourself and your life, but do not wait much longer, for now is the time to enact change. With daring, push the self to change. You will not be disappointed.

Most humbly channeled.

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