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Is our world really solid?

How critical it is to develop habits to understand and manage the world. In fact, how critical it is to form the habit of the self. Without a routine definition of who we are we have no grounding, no solid vantage point from which to function as an independent being in the world.

Much effort is spent in childrearing, socializing children into good habits. Judgments stream in from all corners of the adult world to shape the attention and behavior of children into discreet, acceptable patterns. The shamans suggest that this socialization is sheer magic, as it bundles a world of energy into a world of solid objects via mass consensus and conditioning. Shamans don’t contest the validity of a world of solid objects; however, they do point out that that solid world is only one among many worlds that exist and that we have access to.

Throughout history, shamans, out-of-body explorers, and religious mystics have all travelled into worlds of different energetic configurations than this solid one we call home, returning with wondrous and valuable artifacts. Consider the tablets of Moses or the twelve steps of AA, artifacts from energetic contact with other worlds. These are but two examples of the boon from shamanic journeys already taken, gifts offered to a solid world out of balance and seeking guidance.

As we deepen our dance into 2012, we encounter an energetic intent established in the remote past and very much upheld in the present, promising major shift, radical shift, critical to the survival of this solid world that is currently spinning toward evolutionary advance.

We must deepen our journeys into ourselves…

Don Juan Matus predicted that our very survival as a world would require that we deepen our connection to it and ourselves, going beyond its current energetic fixation—that of a world of solid objects. In other words, we must journey deeper into our energetic potential to enrich and rebalance our present world.

This is where we stand now, as we find ourselves between two polarized but parallel conventions promising to hold us together and lead us forward to safety. The true evolutionary path, however, lies in the unconventional. Only through stepping beyond the lines of the conventional—the solid, the rational—does the mystic discover what is truly necessary for evolutionary advance.

In recapitulation, we break ranks with the rational and the conventional, turning to an energetic intent that leads us through the experiences of a lifetime, stored energetically in the body or in some ethereal cloud that knows all. Recapitulation suspends the rational and leads to wholeness, to healing through daring to embark on an energetic/physical journey.

How do we access the ethereal worlds that hold the answers? We must change our habits and dare to enter the realm of the unconventional. For energy to be freed for the journey, it must be harnessed from our world of solid habits. We are a world of distinct habits, individually and collectively. All our energy is funneled into creating and upholding this world. There is no energy left to go beyond it unless we release ourselves from our habits, those that are blatantly obvious and those that we keep hidden.

If we don’t do everything we always do every day, we will free our energy and step into a different world. It’s really that simple.

Dare to try something different…

Breaking the habits of the self opens the self to new possibilities. The initial encounters beyond the conventional might be truly terrifying, encounters with the shadow self, as Jung called it, where we meet the first layer of the onion that keeps hidden all that lies in the darkness of the self. Once reconciled, we are freed to journey deeper into the energetic layers of the onion, into worlds beyond the familiar that offer to teach and guide us safely through the realizations of the intent for evolutionary shift that we are currently experiencing in this year of 2012.

This journey is well underway. We are all in it, individually and collectively. The further we spin into the unconventional the shakier it gets, but the more we learn and discover, the steadier becomes the ride. Fasten your seat belts!

Evolution demands that we reconfigure our energy. The fossil fuels of yesteryear are now the death of our survival. We can no longer turn to the dinosaurs. We must learn to harness greater energetic sources, free from the heavens, be they the sun or the winds or found in the energetic depths of our inner truths. We must dare to enter the unconventional.

Breaking through,

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