Readers of Infinity: I Am The Darkness & The Light

I am the darkness and the light...

Dear Jeanne and Infinity: What guidance do you offer us today?

Though the outside world carries on, often swirling in mayhem and offensive acts of cruelty, ignorance, and greed, do not get attached. In such times, deeper meaning must be sought and such deeper meaning will only be found within.

Each one of you upon that earth must turn inward and investigate your feelings, motives, and desires. You must discover what drives you, what rules you, and why. You must constantly investigate the self—not just check in briefly, but with full-fledged commitment to the inner process—for the times call for a conscious turning inward as the only means of survival and growth.

What do you mean, survival?” I ask.

Survival of the human species must catapult to a new thought process, for survival must extend beyond physical survival to survival of all that is at the root of being human: compassion, kindness, love, and the expansion of and awareness of these tenets as being of utmost importance now.

As human beings face their infallibility and their fragility in the face of disaster, natural and otherwise, they must grasp at a deeper meaning for their existence. Beyond the constant necessity of survival in the reality of the world you live in lies a far greater meaning, and this must be probed. That is, survival of a new consciousness in the awakening to a greater understanding of all that you experience.

Are you sad, distraught, fearful? If so, the answers to your dilemmas are inside you. Even if you are happy, contented, and at peace, so are you also tempered with disturbance, for balance is naturally sought, and so deep inner work must not be forgotten. In order for the human population to evolve, acceptance of both the shadow self and the light self, as they act out in your own life or in the world around you, must be allowed.

Even in the darkness there is light...

You live in the times of dark and light. You are the dark and the light. Knowing that you are both the darkness and the light combined must be the central truth of your deeper inner work. Accept your truths: I am the darkness and the light. Pay homage to the powerful forces within and make your decisions on how to live, act, think, and pray based on these blatant truths.

Reality has always been what it is now, and that too you must accept. Your perception of it, and what you do next, is of utmost importance.

Ready to shift? It’s in your power to do so.

As always, ask your deeper self to guide you along a new path of acceptance of greater truth, insight, and action. All you have to do is accept its hand, always extended in your direction, always asking you to take it and move in a new direction.

Change begins and ends inside you. Find the shift you need by accepting the truths of your life and move on from there in a new positive direction. And remember, even as you face the darkness there is always light.

Thank you Jeanne and Infinity! Most humbly channeled by Jan.

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