Readers of Infinity: Accept Change

Realign with spirit—even if your wings are a little battered, they will still work...

Reassert priorities. Realign the inner world and the outer world.

Face what comes with dignity and maturity, but do not get overly attached to what may transpire in the lives of others or the world around you. Now is a time of shift. And, as always, shift comes differently to different people. And people react in different ways during times of transition and change. Keep this in mind as you hold yourself in balance, grounded in your inner knowing of life’s truths and challenges.

Stay connected to the journey of the inner self as life itself offers transition in the coming days. Allow the self to be with what comes, confident that all that transpires is as it should be, leading the way for the next phase of life.

Accept life’s challenges and changes. Flow with the energy of the spirit self, making choices based on what is right for now.

Change is coming. It is nothing to fear. It is time. Accept that and accept the path you are on. Let inner vision, wisdom, and maturity guide you.

All is well. Find your love inside you and give it to yourself. It’s what you need now.

Channeled by Jan, with love.

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